18 Miles for 2018 + Recent Outfits

January 6, 2018

We had a wonderful 11 days with my parents while they were here in Alaska visiting us for Christmas and the New Year. Cullen had a blast playing with Grandma and Grandpa–going on walks, going sledding, building snowmen, playing games, watching movies, and just hanging out. We didn’t do anything extravagant but instead relaxed, laid-low, and just enjoyed our time together. Craig and I were able to have a couple of date nights as well, which was so nice.

One of Cullen’s favorite gifts from Christmas was this Let’s Go Fishin’ game from his uncle and aunt. (Thanks Nick and Kristy!) I think he has played it every day since he’s gotten it. Somehow I didn’t get any pictures of Cullen with my dad, but I promise they played together a lot too.

I thoroughly enjoyed running during the daylight while my parents were here. I’ve been trying to run whatever I feel like each day, which usually results in choosing a certain route I want to run and ends up being 5-7 miles most days. I’ve been good about lifting twice a week, but I’m going to try and bump that up to three times a week now during the off-season. I started listening to this Generation UCAN webinar and really want to try and get even stronger for the racing season.

New Year’s Eve night I ran the Northern Lights Resolution Run. I did try to race it, but I didn’t have high hopes for an impressive time since my legs aren’t feeling any too spingy these days, and the snow and ice conditions are never that great for truly racing on. I ended up finishing 3rd for the women in 19:51 for 2.9 miles. I did run 30 seconds faster two years ago, but I think the running conditions were a little better as well.

I also ran 18 miles on 1/1/18 with the help of a few friends! I met Brittany for 4 miles and then Jen joined me on her bike for the remaining 14. I ran (she biked) to Whitney’s house where we did 5 miles with Whitney before heading back home. My right hamstring wasn’t great from the start, and 5 days later it is still bugging me a little. (Oops.) I know I’ll be fine, but I’ll stick to easy runs until it feels better.

Beautycounter’s Winter Sale is still going on now through Monday, January 7th, so don’t wait to snag some awesome products for a great price at 30% off! They added some new items recently, such as the facial mists, baby balm, and sea salt spray.

I love how great the quality of these products are, plus you don’t have to worry whether or not they are safe to use as every ingredient is third-party tested and free of parabens, heavy metals, and any other toxic ingredient that so many other makeup and beauty products have.

I have been scoring a lot of great deals on some clothing items that I am really loving right now. I paid $23 for this skirt, which I thought was a steal, but now it is only $16, so grab one of your own! It is super comfortable and looks so pretty with a winter white lightweight sweater.

top | skirt | shoes (similar)


I also purchased this cozy scarf that I have been wearing non-stop. And these black jeans are more comfortable than any designer pair I’ve owned!

scarf | shirt (similar) | jeans | boots

I need to stop wasting my money on store-bought granola because homemade granola is so much better and so much cheaper–plus it is super easy. I’ve been making my Homemade Granola for years now, and while I’ve tried other granola recipes, I always go back to this one.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and stay warm! I know many areas of the country are frigid! If you need any advice for running in cold temps, hit me up! I’ve run in some incredibly cold temps (-30*F many times and -40*F once) while going to school in Northern Minnestoa where the windchills drive the temperature to temps that freeze your nostril hairs immediately upon going outside.

    1. When you run in the slush/snow along with the VERY HIGH winds do you notice your hip flexors and knees becoming more sensitive? Mine are definitely SORE after running 16 miles yesterday in the SLUSH and WIND yesterday in central IL. I am so nervous about my move north to Apple Valley, MN in the next few months because that will mean COLD-ER! EEK!

      1. Definitely! The cold weather + extra layers make my hip flexors have to work that much harder. :/ And especially if you aren’t used to running in the slush/snow–and maybe compensating in a different way–it doesn’t surprise me you were sore. I am completely beat after long runs in the winter, but in the summer it doesn’t take nearly as much out of me. Apple Valley isn’t too far from where I grew up! Hopefully you’ll meet some “nice” Minnesotans who will help make it more tolerable. My sister joined a running group through her gym (Lifetime Fitness), and I’m sure there are several others!

    1. I’ve been meaning to ask you this for a while – does Beautycounter make products for men?

      1. Yes, they do! It is called “Counterman,” and it is a shaving kit. Unfortunately it was so popular it sold out, but I know they will be bringing it back–just not sure of the date. I will let you know when I see it come back though!

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