Favorite Fall Running Clothes

September 29, 2017

It has been fall in Alaska since the beginning of August, so I’ve already been able to test out some of my favorite fall running gear for you. (Aren’t you lucky. . . ha!)

As the days get shorter (and they are even more short in Alaska–boo!), I have to start thinking about wearing more reflective gear. And of course the temperature drops, which means tights, thicker tops, and gloves and headbands.


  1. A headband to cover my ears is a must when the temperatures start to drop. I usually have to have my ears covered when the temperature is in the low 40s F. I have several different headbands including a couple Skida headbands that are fleece lined, super cozy, and super cute. Plus they are made in Vermont, which is pretty cool! The one pictured above isn’t as thick, but it would work really well for fall weather. Plus it is only $7 on Etsy.
  2. This Oiselle long sleeve is the softest shirt I’ve ever run in, and it is perfect for those chilly runs in the 40s. The length hits right at my hips and yes there are thumb holes!
  3. You can call me a Lululemon addict, but I think they make some of the best running tights. I know some would say they are more pricey compared to some of the other brands, but I beg to differ as Oiselle has several $90+ pants, New Balance has a pair of $120 tights, and Nike definitely has their fair share. I’ve tried Gap Fit tights for $30/$40 on sale, but I gave them away after only wearing them a few times because they kept falling down in the back. These ones from Lululemon are designed for running (not all of them are) with extra pockets and a 4-way stretch so they won’t slip down.
  4. A vest is a must during the fall months! I think this one from Brooks is super cute, and I love the white color. Here is another option from Lululemon.
  5. My fall running wardrobe has several long sleeve running shirts. I have this New Balance long sleeve that I’ve gotten a lot of use out of and will continue to wear this fall, but the one pictured above is a mid-weight fabric perfect for fall and spring and then layering in winter.
  6. As summer winds down, I know I’ll be running in the dark no matter if I run in the morning or the evening, so reflective gear is a must. I love how much reflective area there is on these pants. (Just an FYI – reflective material is not cheap, so that automatically drives up the price when there is a large area of reflectivness on any item.)
  7. The first extremity that gets covered are my hands. (Sadly, I was wearing mittens at the beginning of September in Alaska already.) These lightweight gloves are only $15. If you want more reflective areas, these would be a great option.
  8. These shoes aren’t a pair that you would want to run in, but I had to include them because I recently bought them and love how comfy they are! Not only comfy but super cute! (On a side note, if you want an ultimate no-show sock, I can’t recommend these socks enough!)

I’m off to enjoy the beautiful fall day and relax before the marathon in TWO days!! Happy Friday!!


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