67 Miles and Feeling Good

July 2, 2017

It was a rough (very rough) 10 months this past winter dealing with my hip injury, so I am incredibly happy to be feeling good and glad to be training hard again. I am thoroughly enjoying the process of this build-up and am also happy that I hit 67 miles this week. Not all of my workouts were perfect, but I know this is all part of the process.


AM – 5 miles, easy

I did a couple of miles with the training group ladies and then finished up on my own with a loop around the Park Strip.

PM – 5 miles, easy

I pushed Cullen in the stroller to the airport. I am so glad that kid still loves our stroller runs.


9 miles – interval workout

6 x 800 meters

These were tough! They were tough because my goal pace was 2:50, but I was no where near that pace when running them. I tried, but my legs don’t have the turn-over they once did.

1 – 2:58

2 – 2:58

3 – 2:58

4 – 2:58

5 – 2:54

6 – 2:56

I had 3 minutes rest (easy jogging) in between and believe me I used every second of that rest. You can read more about how I was able to bring my times down on the last two intervals in this blog post.


5 miles, easy

Easy recovery run with my friend Brittany. Time goes by so much faster with a friend!


6 miles, easy

A nice easy run through the neighborhoods before (most of) the rest of the world was up.

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13 miles – tempo workout

2 x 15 minutes @ tempo

In the past I’ve had goal paces for my tempo workouts, but this time Nichole had me target a certain heart rate. I set my watch to beep at me if I was outside the specified zone. Being able to do this allowed me to work within that true threshold effort the entire time. My pace did drop from 7:05 to 7:25 by the end of the workout, which is a bummer, but Nichole assured me the faster paces will come.


5 miles, easy run

A nice easy run with my destination being Fire Island Bakery. Nothing like a rhubarb scone and coffee to motivate me through the run–although I think it also made the run feel that much longer.


19 miles, long run

My long runs have been going really well lately. Just two months ago I was struggling to run 10 miles, so I am very happy to pound out 19 today with no issues. It rained the entire 2 hours and 39 minutes I was running, which wasn’t ideal, but I will still take the rain over the snow/ice/winter conditions any day!


Total: 67 miles

I know I said this at the beginning, but I am so thankful to be feeling good and being able to put all these miles in. I still have a long ways to go to get to where I was last spring/summer, but at least I am able to make progress!

This week the mileage is a little lighter, which will be nice. I’m hoping to get some good sleep this week as my sleep has been more disruptive lately (and for once I can’t blame Cullen). For some reason I’ve been waking up several times each night and waking up at 5:00 a.m. wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, so I’m sipping on some sleepytime tea right now and hoping it helps me sleep soundly tonight.

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    1. I’ve been dealing with an odd knee injury for months, so just letting you know that seeing you back at it totally has been positive for recovering and going long!!

      1. You’ll want it even more after going through an injury! Why is your knee injury odd?

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