Fall Favorites – 2016

September 14, 2016

It is definitely fall here, there’s no doubt about that. The other day it was 37* F when I woke up!

The colors are changing on the trees, the mornings are cool and crisp, and there’s darkness when I go to bed!


I’ve always liked fall. From my childhood days, fall reminds me of cross country meets, harvest on the farm, jumping in leaves, and marching band practice. The only thing I don’t like about fall is the season that must follow.

As we embark on fall, here are some of my fall favorites including running and non-running clothes, my favorite pumpkin bread, and some things I am lusting after.

ArcTeryx Codetta Coat

I absolutely love the ArcTeryx Codetta Coat I purchased last fall. I wear this all the time as a little nicer rain jacket when out-and-about. I love the longer length to keep my pants dry and the sleeves are the perfect length.

Image result for arcteryx codetta coat

Hunter Boots

Our falls are very rainy here in Anchorage, and I can be found wearing my Hunter boots quite regularly–along with my ArcTeryx coat. They are stylish yet functional and quite comfy for an extended walk.

Image result for black hunter boots

Vegan Pumpkin Bread

I made this Vegan Pumpkin Bread this spring (Yes, it was an odd time to make pumpkin bread.), but I haven’t forgotten about it since. I whipped up a loaf yesterday, and I’ve had to hold back on eating the entire loaf. While it is vegan, I can’t say it is particularly healthy.


Oiselle Areo Tight

Sadly I’ve had to trade my shorts in for capris now. (Although I will take capris over a full tight.) These Oiselle Aero Tights are a favorite of mine and are worn very frequently. I love the moto detailing and the asymmetrical hem on the ankle. I also love that they hit below my calf, which prevents them from sliding up over my calf muscles when running.

Image result for oiselle aero tight

Lululemon Running Tights

I think I want to get the Speed Tight V from Lululemon as one of my fall/winter running tights. However, I like the ruching at the ankles that the IV, so maybe I should snag them before they are discontinued.

Lululemon Speed Tight*LUX:


Fall Recipies

Pumpkin + soups. . . . .they all scream fall, and here are some I will probably end up making: Pumpkin Pancakes for One, Potato & Kale Soup, Taco Soup, and this Miracle No-Knead Bread to go with all the soups.



I know sweaters are all the rage during fall, but I need some recommendations as to where I can buy some. I have recently become obsessed with Primp Boutique (a cheap, chic, boutique), but they are in Minnesota, so that doesn’t help my problem. I can have them clothes shipped to my house, but I would prefer to try them on.

What other stores should I check out?



I’ve been wanting a pair of Birkenstocks since last summer. I had every intention of purchasing a pair this summer, but the shipment to the store (Skinny Raven) didn’t make it until the end of the summer. There are two pairs in my size, this black pair and a light brown/tan color.

I haven’t decided if I am going to buy a pair because fall is here, which means winter is too close, so maybe I should just hold off. I do like the brown pair because it has a fun marbled look to the leather, but the black might go with more things?? Although I know I could find a lot to wear with both. If I would get a pair, which pair should I get?




What are you eyeing this fall?

    1. Have you tried stitch fix for you fall sweater hunt? It’s super slick because you can send a note to the stylist with details of what you’re looking for and pin ideas and examples of your style to a Pinterest board. I got some adorable sweaters this month that I love! Whatever you don’t want, you ship back in a pre-paid mailing bag!

      1. I’ve thought about using Stitch Fix before, so maybe this would be a good time to try it! Although, I’m a cheapskate, and it seems kind of spendy. :/

    1. I have been reading and enjoying your blog since this past spring and am just finally commenting for the first time.

      Your blog and Arkansas Runner Mom are my two favorites. I found you both while recovering from rounds of chemotherapy for breast cancer. I managed to run through chemo and got a lot of inspiration reading both your blogs to get me pumped up to get back out there. So thank you for the inspiration.

      I particularly love your blog because I grew up in Anchorage and it makes me very nostalgic! The picture of your feet in the birks reminded me that we wore them in high school with wool socks. I think through the winter! I vaguely remember waiting half the day for my socks to dry after slogging through the snow in them. Oh the trials of teenagers in Alaska!

      Best of luck with your injury! My fingers are crossed that you recover quickly and get your sub-3 marathon one of these days. I am a very very slow runner, so it’s fun to live vicariously.

      And now I’m craving pumpkin bread 🙂

      1. I don’t know how this ended up in my trash, so I apologize for the delayed response!

        I am very flattered you enjoy my blog so much!!

        Haha! People still wear Birkenstocks with socks.

    1. Bookmarking that Potato & Kale soup! I always have such a hard time finding soup recipes I like. That sounds amazing.

      I also need some new running tights/capris – I don’t love how any of mine look, so I’m on the hunt for something more flattering/a little more stretch since mine are all so tight on my quads!

      I bought a pair of Birks and they are so comfy, except I hate the style I got. I wish I’d gone with the ones you are considering!

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