Pulsator 10K 2015 – Race Recap

May 24, 2015


I have good news and bad news.

Good news: I got first place at the Pulsator 10K. As in, first overall! Not only did I beat all of the women, but I beat all of the men as well.

Bad news: I did not break 40 minutes. I was 9 seconds short! Ah, so close.

Good news: I did set a new PR. (Previous time was 40:21), so I can’t complain about that 7 months postpartum.


While my big goal was to break 40 minutes, I am honestly not that bummed. I have too much else to be happy about. I mean, come on, how many times do I get to say I beat all the boys in a race. Now granted it was a very small field (only about 70 competitors), but a win is a win. Plus I’m stoked about the PR. I honestly did not think I would be setting new PRs this soon after having a baby.

This little guy helped cheer me on.


I took the lead from the start because I had an inkling the other competitors weren’t going to be running a 6:28 pace. I felt good from the start and was optimistic I could break that 40 minute barrier. I stayed very focused throughout the race, pushing myself because I knew it would be easy to zone out with no other competitors around. I obsessively checked my watch (which I usually try not to do), but the 10K pace isn’t quite engrained in my legs as much as a half-marathon pace is. I had a horrible GPS signal nearly the entire race, so I had to do my best to guess my splits based on my total running time. Thankfully I knew the course like the back of my hand (nearly every race in Anchorage is run on the same trail), so I made sure to run every tangent I could.

In the end, I came up 9 seconds short, but a new PR helps get me that much close to the ultimate goal.

Screen shot 2015-05-24 at 9.20.43 PM

Not only was I playing competitor, mom, and friend, I also had several athletes run the half-marathon or 10K.

Alicia had a 9 minute PR in only her second half-marathon! That’s nearly a minute per mile faster. She easily broke the 2 hour mark with a time of 1:53.

Sarah had a 3 minute PR compared to this race last year. Plus she just completed Boston a month ago.

Joanne placed 1st for her age group and 2nd for the women in the 10K on a bum hip that she will need surgery on. (The PA gave her the okay to race on it.)


I did my long run today: 18 miles with an average pace of 7:51. My legs were a little tired but not too bad. Time for bed as I have two runs on the agenda tomorrow.

    1. Congratulations on your PR! Sorry you were just seconds off of your goal time. I’ve been that close to goals before and it can really suck to be that close and then not quite make it. My first half marathon my goal was 2:00 and I came in at 2:00:18. So close!

    1. Hi Michelle, Chuck Johnson here from Long Lake Minnesota in Park Rapids. We have been following your running and wanted to comment on how good your times have been. I guess the most important thing is have fun! I do remember the days of setting goals and improving my times so totally understand where you are in your running career. Enjoy this time and do not forget it…because eventually the PR days are over and then you are happy to just be healthy to do the distance. Keep up your goal setting and enjoy the time. All is fine here…I am in the time of my running career to be able to walk 18 holes of golf, which I now can do since knee surgery…ha Chuck

      1. Good to hear from you, Chuck! I am definitely enjoying these days where I can still set new PRs. I honestly did not think I would be setting new PRs after having a baby, so I feel very fortunate.

    1. Congrats! I love that you’re honest and open about your goals. Helps us dream big too! You’ll hit sub 40 next time for sure!

    1. BEAST! Imagine what you’ll be capable of a few more months down the road!

    1. congrats!! so awesome! you’ll get it next time! It’s so hard to pace yourself. 🙂 great job!

    1. […] on Sunday. I’ve had a pretty phenomenal summer of racing–setting PRs in the 5 miler, 10K, 12K, and half-marathon. I did not, DID NOT expect to set PRs this summer at all! And some of these […]

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