40 Minutes or Bust

May 23, 2015

Since I don’t blog every day, I realized there are a lot of things I haven’t shared, so here’s a collection of random things that have been going on.

1. This morning I’m running the Pulsator 10K here in town. I would LOVE to break 40 minutes, which is a pace of 6:26. Right now my PR is 40:21, which I ran August 2013. My coach thinks I can do it, so let’s hope that’s true!

This picture if from last year when I ran the half-marathon at 4 months pregnant.


2. Last summer my mom gave us some bulbs to plant in our front yard. She told me they were hostas, a non-flowering, low-maintenance landscaping plant. However, when they came up this spring, they turned out to be beautiful tulips. I’m not complaining; I just thought it was funny.

3. I catch myself accidentally dressing Cullen and I alike sometimes.


4. I tried the Starbucks Evolution Sweet Greens Smoothie. I liked it, but I wish it didn’t cost $6.


5. I feel like I have to eat my words about making progress with Cullen’s sleep. This week has not shown the progress we had last week, which makes it difficult to stick to the plan. This parenting thing keeps my type-a personality in check, that’s for sure!


6. I will be going home to Minnesota next month for a couple of weeks! I can’t wait. Picture from my baby shower last August.


7. I realized I’ve had quite the hair transformation since Cullen was born.

It started out long and blonde October 2014.


Then I had it re-highlighted and chopped quite a few inches off November 2014.


February 2015 I chopped even more off.


Finally in March I dyed it dark. It has faded a lot though–good thing because I’m ready to go back to blonde. Long and blonde specifically.


    1. I really love your hair in the February photo! Good luck on sub-40 🙂

    1. Yippee! You beat all the guys. Love it! Big congrats, Michelle. I know you missed your PR but you totally rocked the race.
      From ADN: “Another 71 competitors entered the Pulsator 10-K, which was won by Michelle Baxter, who cruised to victory in 40:08.9 to beat men’s winner and overall runner-up Andy Kirk by 1:43.5.”

      1. Ha! I didn’t see the ADN article. At least my name got mentioned this time. 😉

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