Cullen is 4 Months + 40 Miles

February 24, 2015

Someone turned 4 months old today!

I love making this guy smile. I was literally saying nonsense words to get him to smile and laugh like this: “Ga-ga-goo. Ga-ga-goo-goo-ga.” I don’t care how silly I sound or out of key I sing, his smiles and laughter are totally worth it.


Cullen is getting more fun each and every day. He is starting to play with toys and interact with people more. I feel very blessed to have such an easy-going baby. He really only fusses when he is tired or hungry and both are easy to fix.

This past month Cullen took his first trip to Minnesota to meet his great-grandpa before he passed away. He was also baptized and cut his two bottom teeth. He loves smiling for the ladies (There’s only been a couple of guys who have been able to make him laugh.), “talking” and happy screaming, smiling at himself in the mirror, blowing bubbles, and is very close to rolling over.


This past week I hit 40 miles, which I was thrilled about. I am so glad I am back to running without any discomfort from my C-section incision. I am also thrilled that I have been doing a lot of runs with friends. I love having the company, and they help me push the pace a little, which will only help me down the road.



7 miles/1:02/average pace – 8:36

I felt good. My only complaint was that I wish there wasn’t snow on the ground, so I could run faster.


I took the day off from running but did lift for 35 minutes at the gym.


6 miles/track workout

400, 800, 1200, 1600 meters

Splits – 1:25, 3:09, 4:41, 6:27

I was very happy with my splits. I don’t quite have my full endurance back as I would normally step back down (1200, 800, 400) to finish off the workouts, but for the time being, I am happy that my speed seems to be coming back nicely.


6 miles/54:33/average pace – 9:05

Did this run 12 hours after the previous day’s workout, but I felt good. It was a slower run due to the ice and snow, which is fine for a recovery run.


4 miles/34:30

Ran on the treadmill at the gym. Lifted weights for 30 minutes afterwards.


12 miles/1:41/average pace – 8:29

I ran with a friend, which was really nice. I definitely started to feel a little achy in my abdominal region during the last two miles, but there weren’t any lasting soreness the remainder of the day or the following day.


5 miles/45:31/average pace – 9:06

A nice easy run with three other girls.


Tomorrow I’m hoping to do another “A Day in the Life” post as I think it is fun to recap our days together each month of Cullen’s life.

    1. Love to see that great big smile! I want to see a video when he rolls over! Enjoy him while he still stays in the same place you put him.

    1. Do you know about the Baby and You yoga class at Open Space? It’s Tuesday from 1:30 to 2:30 and the cost is “on donation”. The temporary instructor,Hannah, is my daughter’s Music Together teach (that is also a fun thing to do with baby when he is a little older). However, the regular instructor is Svea, who I knew from Colorado. She’s the one who got me into yoga. She just had a baby so she is out for a bit. Anyway, I went to Baby and You Yoga a few times as a visitor to Alaska and then found one at home in Colorado. It was a fun way to interact with my daughter while stretching.
      Open Space is located at 630 E. 57th place, upstairs.
      Glad to hear you are feeling more normal while running!

      1. Thanks for the info! I might have to try and check it out.

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