Weeks 37 – 38 ~ Pregnancy Update

October 9, 2014

Today marks 38 weeks of being pregnant. That means the baby has been at term for a week and could technically come any day now!

I pretty much go to bed every night thinking, “will tonight be the night?” (It usually seems like your water breaks in the middle of the night.) It is weird to not have a set date the baby will come. I operate on a schedule and pre-planned events, as do most people. You plan for a wedding and know exactly when it will occur, the date you close on a home is determined ahead of time, and vacations are set months in advance. The only two events that are (usually) unknown are the date you come into this world and the date you leave. Crazy to think about.


Besides falling on Sunday and ending up in the hospital overnight, everything is still going very smoothly. I feel great (a little bigger), but I really can’t complain.


The same as always–no aversions, no cravings.


I am sleeping well with 2 – 3 wake-ups each night to either roll over or use the bathroom, but I almost always fall back asleep right away. I do kind of miss being able to lay on my stomach though.

Weight Gained

23 pounds



I ran a marathon relay during week 37, which was a lot of fun! (I promise that will be my last race until I deliver.) I still try to get out and run a little bit these days. I usually cover 1 – 3 miles, 3 – 4 times each week for a total of 10 – 15 miles. I usually run two days in a row and then need a break. I am still going to the gym and lifting weights–definitely nothing hard! It is funny to watch people’s reactions when I’m in there.


Our relay team at the Kenai River Marathon


I don’t know that I ever felt myself nest any more than I have in the past when preparing, say, for guests coming over or just maintaining the tidiness of our home. Everything is done and ready for the baby now: the room is ready, the car seat is installed, the house is clean (The last thing on my list was to wash the floors, which I did earlier this week.), my hospital bag is packed. We are ready!

DSC_0019Click here to see a full nursery tour.

Doctor’s Appointment

I had another doctor’s appointment this week. I measured at 37, which was the same as the week prior. I’m not sure if that means the baby didn’t grow or the “midwife” (I think she was a midwife-in-training??) said that possibly means the baby’s head dropped. The actual midwife didn’t confirm or deny it, so I’m not getting my hopes up. I did test negative for the strep B test, so I won’t need antibiotics at the hospital. Thank goodness!

Other Notes

One question a few people have asked me is what I am looking forward to after I have the baby. Well, the first one was easy:

1. Running!

Of course running would be number one. I cannot wait to run 10 miles again, run without stopping, and feel fast. I know it will take some time, but I cannot wait to do those things again.

2. Having more clothing options.

I am down to only a handful of tops and bottoms that actually fit, so I am looking forward to being able to fit back into all of my regular shirts and pants again.

3. Sushi

There aren’t many foods or beverages I have missed since becoming pregnant (I rarely drank alcohol or consumed caffeinated beverages to being with.), so sushi is the only thing I have missed.

4. Putting on socks and shoes comfortably.

Being able to put on socks and tie my shoes without struggling to reach my feet will be nice.


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    1. Oh I know that feeling! Unfortunately I delivered at 41 weeks and 4 days. I actually chose to keep waiting until my OB said if I didn’t have the baby by the 15th of April, I was having the baby on the 15th of April! I could have elected to be induced earlier but I though she would come on her own. I still had a “natural childbirth” (no drugs other than pitocin) and it all worked out fine. It will be the most amazing day of your life and you will feel like you ran a 50 miler!
      I remember when my daughter dropped, yes I measured an inch shorter but I could also feel her head when she was turning it on my pelvis.
      It will be nice to put on footwear without struggle, strangely I never went back to sleeping on my belly, I still don’t. When I was breastfeeding by breasts were usually too tender to lay on my belly. My friend ran a 10K a month after her baby was born, so that is possible. Sushi, yes, I missed that too. In fact, our first date night after the baby we went out for sushi. The manager asked if it was a special occasion and we told her that it was my first sushi since I was pregnant and she put most of our sushi on the house! (that was in Colorado)
      I hope you don’t have to wait two more weeks but enjoy resting and time alone with your husband while you can!
      Glad to hear your trip to the ER turned out ok. That’s scary!

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