Baby Baxter’s Room

October 3, 2014

The baby’s room is ready, so now we wait!

I love how the baby’s room turned out and cannot wait to spend more time in it once our little one arrives. Since we don’t know if Baby Baxter is a boy or girl, everything is neutral, which (I think) is great because everything can be reused for any successive kids.

(The earthquake bumped the top-right picture, which really bothers me that it isn’t straight in this picture.)


I didn’t have a theme or matchy-matchy color scheme for the room. I basically collected items I liked and tried to tie everything together. The walls are gray–despite how the pictures appear.

If the room had any theme, it would be farm animals. I wanted to recognize my childhood and the family farm I grew up on in Minnesota, so I ordered these Shabby Chic Farm Animal prints from Etsy.


I had a really difficult time finding a glider in Anchorage. Most of the furniture stores did not have gliders for nurseries. I found one at Baby Depot and Fred Meyer; Target does sell one, which I did not discover until after I purchased this one; and the only other store that had gliders was Babies ‘R Us. The ones they had in the store were more than what I was willing to spend, so I ended up ordering the Bertini Peyton Swivel Glider one online and having it shipped to the store. (Actually I have my in-laws to thank for the new glider.)

The white tree decal was a giant sticker we purchased at Target. It was reasonable–at around $20–and pretty easy to put up. (It took us 35-40 minutes.) The only drawback is that we have textured walls, so sometimes the leaves start to unstick.


We were fortunate to have a family member loan us this crib and dresser that will also be used as a changing table. Both are in excellent shape and we feel fortunate that we didn’t have to purchase these things ourselves.

DSC_0020 DSC_0021

I am going to primarily use cloth diapers, but for the first few weeks I will be using disposables to help with the transition and due to the meconium (the thick tar-like poop) that will be present at first.

I purchased these Honest diapers after reading rave reviews on other blogs. I scored 40% off on a bundle of newborn diapers, which should last us about a month. I love all the fun prints.


The owl wet/dry bag will be used for our cloth diapering system once that is in place. And the fun striped laundry basket is another score from Target. Okay, pretty much everything in the room is from Target. (I heart the Threshold line at Target–reasonable and trendy!)


So there you have it. Baby Baxter’s room is all ready! My hospital bag is also packed, and my laboring kit is nearly assembled. The baby was at term this past Thursday (37 weeks), so we are definitely getting close. Sunday’s job is to install the car seat!

    1. The bouncy seat was my shower-time savior! I would place it next to the shower, buckle in cayden, and know he was safe even if he cried. Also was nice to move into the kitchen while cooking!

    1. I love the room and I love Target (former employee) hope to work there when I move there. I have four kids and enjoyed being pregnant. Very excited for you, can’t wait to see pics. Good Luck and GOD Bless.

    1. Those farm animals are adorable. And YAY cloth diapers! Seriously, they are so wonderful. Just ignore people who tell you it’s not going to work blah blah blah. Can I offer some unsolicited advice? (You’re used to it I’m sure at this point in your pregnancy. 😉 If you are on Facebook, join Fluff Love and CD Science group. There is so much conflicting advice out there about how to wash your diapers and most of it is bad. If you join the group, there’s all kinds of docs for different water and washer types and you will have a good, easy wash routine from the start. (Spoiler alert- the fancy, expensive “CD safe” detergents don’t clean your diapers and cause stink problems. Use a mainstream detergent without fabric softener.)

      1. I recently did read that the detergent doesn’t matter! I was flabbergasted (okay, not really), but I was surprised! That definitely puts me at ease because I was getting overwhelmed with all of the options and everyone’s opinion. One site said any detergent was okay as long as it wasn’t the “free and clear.” What is your take on that?

        1. It is possible to make Free & Clear detergents work, but you have to use copious amounts. As in, whatever is the recommended amount for a large, heavily soiled load, you need to put that in the prewash. And then put twice that amount in the main wash. (Free & Clears are a lot weaker than regular detergent.) So if you go that route, you will just be plowing through detergent. I originally bought Country Save because it was what was recommended to me. I kept getting barnyard and ammonia stink. Yuck! Then I found out Country Save is really not a strong detergent at all, so I had to start using an enormous amount at each wash until it was used up. People seem to have the most long term luck with Tide or Gain.

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