Alaska Seafood Cook-off 2014

October 1, 2014


I am always thrilled to receive the e-mail in my inbox with an invitation to the Alaska Seafood cook-off. The last time we attended the event, it was held in the spring, but they changed the event to the fall this year.

This time the event was held at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Anchorage.


Loved the picture of the runner and of course there was an XtraTuf boot used as decor. . . .only in Alaska.

DSC_0007 DSC_0008

There were four teams of chefs from the state who competed in a competition to prepare the best Alaskan salmon dish. Each chef had an hour to prepare their entree.


All of the creations were very unique and looked mighty tasty.


There were four judges–one of them being Kikkan Randall, who is an Olympic skier from Anchorage (and currently on Kashi ceral boxes!).

DSC_0011 DSC_0012

The winning dish was prepared by chef Travis Haugen from Southside Bistro in Anchorage. I personally have never been to the restaurant but have wanted to try it in the past and want to even more now.


Craig and I enjoyed our time chatting with a few others we knew and watching the big wigs rub shoulders with one another. There were quite a few state representatives, the mayor, and national senator in attendance. People watching is the best.

    1. How fun!!! Reminds me of the Taste of Elegance where pork is featured.

    1. Those are quite the centerpieces. Maybe I’ll have to keep those in mind for someday in the future when I need my own centerpieces.

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