2013 Great Alaska Seafood Cook Off

May 9, 2013

I took the morning off from running and instead went to the gym before and after work to do some strengthening exercises for my glute and hamstring. I’m glad I had plans to take the day off from running because my hamstring was hurting more than usual at the end of the day yesterday.

I decided to go both before and after work and split my workout up, so I could sleep in a little more this morning.


Wednesday night, Craig and I were invited to the 2nd annual Great Alaska Seafood Cook Off. We went last year, and I was super pumped when I got the invitation again this year.

The cook-off was held at the airport, which seems kind of odd but the Bill Sheffield Alaska Railroad Depot room is an really nice to place to have an event like this. DSC_0029

There was plenty of food to go around—of course complete with Alaskan seafood: shrimp and lobster. Even some of the vegetables were grown locally. DSC_0014

My favorite table: the sweets table with fruit and dessert (behind the centerpiece).

We ate, mingled (with just ourselves since we didn’t know anyone else), people watched, and tried to look important.DSC_0012

Then we headed outside to enjoy the beautiful day. Gorgeous views of the mountains.


My handsome date for the evening who looks so suave in his shirt and tie.


Good picture of us, but boy are we pasty white from not seeing the sun all winter.   DSC_0025

The cook off featured six local chefs and challenged them to create the best seafood entree using fresh, local seafood from Alaska. They get one hour to create their meal. After that a team of judges sample all of the entrees and declare a winner.

It is quite the event with camera crews and local celebrities. (The mayor looked right at me!)DSC_0016

The six teams of chefs start in 10 minute intervals so these individuals were waiting their turn to start prepping their food. DSC_0017

Last year Craig and I rode the train to and from the event, but this year we decided to forgo the train and just drive ourselves. Then we could get home early so this grandma could get to bed on time. DSC_0026I had fun pretending to be a big-wig at the event and like I was actually someone important with my fancy camera. Plus getting dressed up, enjoying delicious food, and a beautiful evening made it a very nice event.



What type of seafood do you like?

(Scallops would have to be one of my favorites.)

    1. Sounds like fun! Salmon and Halibut! Delish. 🙂 Everything else is just mediocre in my mind.

    1. That seems like fun! I’ve grown up in Kansas, so most of my seafood experience is iffy at best. But I get to try lobsters caught by my FIL this fall! So excited!

    1. looks like a fun event! i love your huband’s shirt. sorry if that’s weird. 🙂 i always try to get mine to buy pinstriped dress shirts but he’s too scared, haha. at least he has different colors now (not just white & blue as he did when we first met)!!

      1. That’s a bummer he won’t buy pinstriped shirts. I’m sure they’d look just fine on him. 🙂

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