Feeling Like Fall

August 20, 2014

This post is full of randomness for this Wednesday evening, so bear with me.

After a good adjustment at the chiropractor yesterday, I was really excited to get out for my morning run this morning. I can tell the adjustment definitely made a difference, but it wasn’t perfect.

I covered 3 miles in 28 minutes with some walk breaks in there as well. My back had been starting to hurt around 0.25 miles, but today it didn’t bother me until 1.5 miles, so there was definitely improvement. I hope it heals itself like my pelvis/groin pain did last month.


And while it still looks like summer out there. It is chilly in the mornings! The daytime temperature has been in the mid-60s with quite a bit of sunshine, but there is fall in the air, that’s for sure! I love fall, I just wish it didn’t come in the middle of August here!

This cooler weather beckons for oatmeal. I know my breakfast looks pretty disgusting, but it was actually quite good. Not phenomenal, but healthy nonetheless.

A kale and fruit smoothie made by Craig along with a bowl of oatmeal with raisins and walnuts in it.


After breakfast, Sadie and I walked the neighborhoods for 30 minutes. It was the first day of school here so all of the neighborhood kids (and their parents) were heading to school. Like I said fall is in the air!

Sadie is very camera shy.


After showering and getting ready for the day, it was time to run some errands. I had the day off from work, so I took full advantage of the extra time to get a bunch of things off my to-do list accomplished. It always takes me at least a full day to get errands run, groceries bought, cleaning done, and all of those other household chores done.

I went to Target for some household essentials: face wash, cereal, shower cleaner, etc.


My next stop was at Babies R Us. Since I got pregnant, I have been on the search for a glider that I like–and that is within my price range. I would have loved to purchase the Charleston Upholstered Convertible Rocker from Pottery Barn Kids. I love the concept of being able to convert the rocker to a chair you can use in the living room once the kids are older, but $1000 is just a tad out of my budget.

Instead I am leaning toward the Bertini Peyton Swivel Glider. Has anyone tried this one? Or ones that are similar? I definitely do prefer the gliders that look more like a recliner/chair versus the traditional glider.


After my errands, I went to a yoga class at Anchorage Yoga. I definitely struggle to hold poses in yoga and am not able to twist like I used to. I have a class package to use up by the end of August otherwise I probably wouldn’t be going.

For dinner, I pulled out a package of homemade pizza dough from the freezer. Anytime I make pizza dough, I always make two crusts and freeze the other one for future use. This dough was KG’s Homemade Pizza Dough recipe which is a never-fail recipe for me.


And now onto the randomness. . . . . .

I’ve read that the new trend in fitness is PiYo. Pilates + Yoga = PiYo. Has anyone tried it? What is it like? I can’t say I’ve even been to a Pilates class.

Apparently the best source of protein: crickets! Yes, the black insects that chirp at night all summer long. (Thinking about those sounds makes me miss summers in Minnesota.) – via NPR: Startups Pitch Cricket Flour as the Best Protein You Can Eat

A question on fashion trends. A coworker said her friends were making fun of her for wearing a trucker hat. Is this because trucker hats are no longer in style or Alaskans don’t know their fashion trends?

Well, this little baby is moving around like crazy right now! I think it is time for bed.

    1. I’ve taken a few PIYO classes and really enjoy them. I have tendinitis in my hip flexors and it really stretches me out, plus it’s just a great workout… They have classes above the Taco Loco Building on International. Tuesdays and Thursday evenings..

      1. Interesting, I did not know there were classes in Anchorage!

    1. piyo? how funny! all these hybrid workouts just crack me up. but anything that gets people exercising is good i guess 🙂

    1. I do piyo and love it! Low impact but such a great workout. I can tell I’ve toned up and gotten more flexible too! Let me know if you ever have questions about it.

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