An Appointment Kind of Day

August 11, 2014

I had multiple appointments throughout the day today, but before I started those appointments, I was up at 5:30 a.m. to get my workout in.

Since I have been working part-time at Skinny Raven and in the retail business, work often starts later in the day or me, and I’ve been allowing myself to sleep in until 7:00 a.m. most days. While this was nice, I found I actually missed my early morning sweat sessions–especially those morning runs where I feel as though I have the world to myself. I am now going to try and be intentional about getting up around 5:30 a.m. most mornings to get my workout in before the day gets away from me. My type A+ personality thrives off this, and plus once the baby comes, my plan is to get up before Craig goes to work in order to get my workout in anyhow.

Since my back was bothering me on yesterday’s run, I decided to go swimming for 35 minutes this morning in hopes of not aggravating it anymore. I was fine during swimming but a little sore afterwards. I am just glad my swimsuit still fits! Swimming always makes me hungry, so I made a filling breakfast of an egg and vegetable scramble served on top of a corn tortilla with avocado slices and salsa.


My first appointment of the day was an ART (active release therapy) session at Adkins Chiropractic. I really like this office and would highly recommend it to any locals. I’ve spent the last 7 years scouring the city of Anchorage for a dentist, doctor, hair stylist, etc. and finally have found professionals that I love and would highly recommend to others. I have never been one to settle for mediocre customer service or average experiences, and I have been thoroughly impressed with my experiences at Adkins.

The ART specialist loosened up my back and hip muscles, so I hope that helps with my running.


After the appointment, Craig and I went to Kaladi Brothers for a quick coffee date before our next appointment. We caught up on life and enjoyed the fun atmosphere at the coffee shop.


Craig was off for the day, so I asked him to come to my doctor’s appointment. That way he could at least meet the midwife once before I go in for delivery. I have been seeing a midwife at Alaska Women’s Health clinic, and absolutely love the midwife there. After trying out two other doctors, I am happy to have found someone that I connect with and seems to get me.

By this time I was super hungry, so I got to cooking my favorite summer-time meal right away when I got home.

BLTs + sweet corn + a nectarine are three essential summer-time meal components for me.


My third appointment of the day was an annual check-up at the eye doctor. Once again, love the doctors at Makar Eyecare. Thankfully everything checked out fine and there were no concerns.

DSC_0002 2

Now that I am in my third trimester, running is definitely not as easy, but I am still counting my blessings that I feel okay most of the time. I might have run a little bit too much and a little too fast last week because my lower back has been bothering me the last few days now. I also get cramps, which feels more like side stitches in my abdomen, periodically. I asked my midwife about it, and she said that there is nothing too worry about, but I should slow down or stop and walk when this does happen.


Workouts ~ August 4 – 10 ~ 29th Week of Pregnancy


5 miles/40 minutes/average pace – 8:00

Ran into a good friend while running on the trails in Minneapolis. Out of 3+ million people in the Twin Cities area, what are the chances I would see a good friend out there as well! Crazy, but it was so awesome!


4 miles/34:09/average pace – 8:31

This was a tough run. I am good for 3 – 4 runs in a row and then I start to become fatigued. However, I still enjoyed this run because I was able to run with my sister!


Off – Time for a break.


2 miles/20:00/average pace – 10:00

Ran with Nichole! So great to see her and catch up with her!


6 miles/51:00/average pace – 8:30

I was good for 3.5 miles before the cramps set in. I did a fartlek workout from mile 2 – 3.5, but then I had to take walk breaks for the last 2.5 miles. I was still happy to get 6 miles in though.




1 mile/10:00/average pace: 10:00

My back was NOT happy. There was no way I would have been able to (safely) run more.

Total: 18 miles

I was really hoping to get closer to 25 miles in for the week, but I know with the pregnancy, it often isn’t up to me and my self-motivation or drive but rather what my body is physically capable of these days. I will try to take what I can get though and count my blessings I can at least run most days!



What is your favorite summer-time meal?

What was your favorite or best workout this past week?

    1. I’m glad I got to run with you so much! You are one speedy lady!!

    1. I’m glad you’re still getting in some happy runs. I just came back from a trip to the Midwest too. Sweet corn almost every day! It was awesome to have a small taste of summer (and shorts). 🙂

      1. Hey! A friend of yours stopped in at the store to say hi to me.

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