Week 28 of Running During my Pregnancy

August 8, 2014

I fly back to Alaska today. I’m bummed that I am leaving behind family, friends, and nice weather, but I am also anxious to see Craig. I miss his silly antics.



I have been having too much fun in Minnesota that I completely forgot to recap my mileage from the 28th week of my pregnancy. I wanted to keep an thorough account of my mileage and workouts during this pregnancy so I can go back during an successive pregnancies and so others can compare/contrast their experiences.

Michelle 010

Weekly mileage from July 28 – August 3


Off – I usually feel I am good for 3 or 4 days of running in a row, but then I need a break.


4.5 miles/38:45/average pace – 8:32 + 30 minutes weights at the gym

Did a tempo run for 10 minutes at a 7:45 – 8:00 pace, jogged for a few minutes, and then another tempo run for 5 minutes.


6 miles/53:17/average pace – 8:44 + 60 minute yoga class

Run with Joanne in Eagle River. Beautiful morning run. It reminded me how much I love running in the morning. Having someone else keeps me preoccupied.


3.5 miles/31:31/ average pace – 9:01


4 miles

I did a ladder workout on the track.

200 – :46

400 – 1:34

800 – 3:20

800 – 3:18

400 – 1:33

200 – :42

I was pretty satisfied with how this workout went. I have definitely cut back on the length of my track intervals.


Off – traveling to Minnesota


7 miles/59:17/ average pace – 8:28

My sister and I did this run together. She definitely pushed me, which was good. I did okay with the pace, but it is definitely getting more difficult. Excluding the first two miles, our splits were 8:05 – 8:20 for miles 3-7, which is really good for me these days.



How many days of running in a row before you feel like you need a break?

How often do you run with others?

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