I’m Off . . . . .

August 1, 2014

I’m heading back home, home-home that is. I will be spending the next week in Minnesota visiting family and friends, having a baby shower, celebrating my grandpa’s 94th birthday, and enjoying the little things I so often miss.


(Taken during our trip to Minnesota this past November. That’s the last time I saw my family!)

This morning Craig and I got up early for a track workout. Craig is NOT a morning person, but he hasn’t been able to get out after work any evening for a run, so he gave me permission to wake him up early for a run. Of course, he shook his head ‘no’ as soon as I woke him up, but I told him I was only following his orders.


I did a ladder track workout of: 200, 400, 800, 800, 400, 200 meters. This was a good workout and one that still challenges me but isn’t impossible.

I was pretty satisfied with my times:

200 – :46

400 – 1:34

800 – 3:20

800 – 3:18

400 – 1:33

200 – :42

Craig pushed me on a few of these, which was nice and very helpful!

Since it was my last day in town, we also had lunch together at Great Harvest. Nothing beats the deliciousness of a Great Harvest sandwich. Their bread is to die for!


In the afternoon, Sadie and I went for a walk through the neighborhood. Yesterday she ate the seed of the nectarine I was eating–the entire seed! I accidentally dropped the seed as I was finishing up my nectarine. I thought for sure she would spit it back out when she realized it was as hard as a rock, but nope. Down her esophagus it went. I had to laugh and told her it would hurt coming out the other end. I didn’t see it today yet though.

DSC_0003Time to head to the airport. I’ll be flying/traveling all night, which is no fun but at least I won’t be wasting any daytime hours!

See you from God’s country! (That’s what Craig calls Minnesota.)


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