Cabin in Alaska

July 28, 2014

Craig and I spent the weekend at my in-law’s cabin north of Anchorage. It was fun to get away for a little while and unplug.

Prior to that, Friday morning we had our ultrasound/anatomy scan appointment at Alaska Women’s Health clinic. Craig relaxing while I wait for the hour to be up so they can draw my blood for the glucose test. (That juice tasted like the Hardee’s orange drink we used to have as kids.)


It was cool seeing all the organs, fingers, toes, and see that everything is functioning correctly. The ultrasound technician said everything was looking good and developing correctly. The baby is a little over 2 pounds and in the 53rd percentile in terms of growth. The baby did a very good job cooperating and we were able to get a nice view of his/her face. Usually at 19/20 weeks, the facial features aren’t as developed, but since I was 27 weeks along, this baby is looking very baby-like!

Friday after work, Craig and I drove to his parent’s cabin, which is pretty rustic–no running water inside, indoor plumbing, but we did have electricity.


We did have to use this outhouse all weekend. They did recently install a well, so in the future we will have indoor plumbing!


The task of the weekend was to put a roof on this outdoor pavilion over the campfire area.


The men worked hard all day on Saturday while the women cooked and collected water from the spring down the road. (No joke!)


And sometimes acting goofy. Craig and his brother, Matt.


Almost finished!


The finished result with a large bonfire going.   DSC_0013

Me, Craig, Matt, and Matt’s girlfriend Amanda

A couple years ago they built this sauna. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go in.



Here’s a quick run-down of my workouts during the 27th week of pregnancy.

Workouts ~ July 21 – 27


Off – rest day after racing the Her Tern Quarter Marathon


3 miles + 30 minutes of weight lifting + 90 minutes of yoga

The first couple of miles were tough. My right hamstring was sore from the race.


5 miles

This was an okay run. I know my okay/average run these days is a new level of “okay/average” and will never be as good as pre-pregnancy. I know I have to take what I can get a running/walking is better than no running/walking.


Off – had very good intentions of running, but I ended up getting too busy.


5 miles

Ran 1 mile to the track, ran 5 x 800 meters, 1 mile cool-down. My goal is to get one faster/track workout in each week. These 800s were actually okay. Often times I feel better running faster than at a slower pace.


3 miles

Easy run from my in-law’s cabin.


6 miles

Six miles seems the extent of my distance these days. I started off feeling really good and then had some GI distress/pelvis pains later on. But I am glad to get in any sort of mileage in these days.

Total: 22 miles

    1. What an adorable cabin! It might sound weird, but I love the simplicity of dry cabins. It’s so easy to unplug and enjoy the company. What else I found cool about this post? My Matt’s brother’s name is Craig too. It’s cool that your husband is the Craig part of the duo. 🙂

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