Racing While Pregnant – Her Tern Quarter Marathon

July 20, 2014


I love racing—absolutely love it!

I was very skeptical going into to today’s race. Since racing a half-marathon a month ago, I have been having pelvis/groin, soft tissue pain every time I run. While it had been improving within the last week, after seeing the chiropractor, I still didn’t know how my body would respond and if I had any chance of running fast. All of the runs I’ve done within the last couple of weeks have been run/walks and nothing over 5 miles.


My two big goals going into the race were not take any walk breaks and beat any half-marathoners, which would mean I would have to run the approximate 6.5 miles in less than 60 minutes.

I started out slow–as in 9:00 mile pace because I did not know how my body would respond. I purposely started in the middle of the pack as well and ran the pace of those around me. I did not want to set myself up for failure because I had no idea how fast I would be able to run. I had a little discomfort towards the end of mile one, but as I ran mile 2, the pain didn’t get worse, so I started to pick up the pace a little.


By mile 3 I was picking off people pretty easily and working my way down to a 7:20-7:30 pace. I still felt good at the turn-around, which meant it was ‘go’ time.

By this time, the pain in my pelvis was either taken over by the normal pains of racing or my body knew it was time to perform. Whatever the case was, I met my goal of not walking and I thankfully was able to run under an hour and avoid getting beat by any half-marathoners.

I continued to pick off people up until the very end. And somehow (I still have no idea how!) I managed to work my way up to third place—THIRD! I thought for sure there was an error in the results, but nope.

Screen shot 2014-07-20 at 9.43.51 PM

I was so happy to have a successful race at 6 months pregnant.

(Photo courtesy of Joanne.)

I wasn’t the only one who had a good race. These two ladies set new PRs in the half.

I’ve been coaching Joanne for less than a month, and she cut a minute off her PR today. She told me she was not very optimistic going into the race, but with some positive pep talking and a strong will she nailed it!

Erin was 9th overall, and a stud for sure! I met Erin a year ago, when I randomly introduced myself to her at this race last year. It is so crazy to think where life has taken me in just one year: a baby on the way, a job I love going to each day (Skinny Raven Sports), and new running friends. A girl can’t ask for much more.


Joanne and Erin

I have also been working with Whitney for a couple of week to improve her running. While she did not set a PR, she ran an awesome race and many of the women she coaches were inspired by her hard work.


The after party for the Her Tern Half-Marathon and Quarter Marathon is one of the best around: sweet treats (cookies, cupcakes, including gluten-free cupcakes, and fruit), good music, a giant inflated slide and play area for kids, blow-up chairs, a mimosa garden (which I did not partake in, just so we are clear), and an overall fun atmosphere.


I was thoroughly impressed with the event. I might seem like I am being bi-partial since my employer puts the race on, but even before I started working at Skinny Raven, I always said the Her Tern Half Marathon–and now the quarter marathon, which was added this year–is my favorite race. (Just to clarify, Her Tern is a women’s boutique across the street from Skinny Raven in downtown Anchorage, and a sister store to Skinny Raven.)

As a participant, the race was seamless this year. The race started on time (There was a 10 minute delay last year due to long lines for the bathroom.), plenty of port-a-potties this year, and a well-marked course (I almost got lost last year.).


My favorite part of the race was my bib and the fact I ran for two. I think I’m sending good running endorphins to the baby and he/she will (hopefully) love running as much as I do some day. (Actually, as much as I hope our child(ren) are runners, I mostly want them to be active, healthy, and involved with fitness activities of their choice.)

I am not a particularly creative person, so I was quite impressed with myself when I came up with my bib name.


And like at the Nike Women’s Half-marathon, each finisher of this race receives a beautifully designed bracelet by the artist behind Fresh Tangerine who grew up in Anchorage. I love all of the feminine touches to this race, which make it so fun and unlike others in Anchorage.



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