My Favorite Spring Running Clothes

It's time to start thinking about spring running! I'm tired of the snow, so I'm going to pretend there really isn't several feet of snow still on the ground. Ha! I'm dreaming about spring runs: bird chirping, the smell of blossoming trees, dry pavement, and less clothes. Oh, I cannot wait for less clothes and only one layer to put on in the morning. Here are some of my favorite running clothes to wear as we transition into spring: chillyโ€ฆ

Back to Running. . . .Or Not

We are going to do a little life highlights post since it has been a while since I've filled you in on various things going on around here. Running I'm at a loss. After a two week break, I tried running again this morning. I was excited to start training again, but my gut was telling me that my hip wasn't going to be any better. Sadly, my intuition was right. And if anything, my hip was even more painfulโ€ฆ

My Progression to Healthy Eating

My progression to healthy eating has been a slow, gradual one. I've spent years refining my diet, learning how to cook healthier meals, and finding foods that make me feel my best. And let's clear the air by saying I am not perfect in my eating habits. I still eat dessert occasionally, enjoy a hamburger every once in a while, and like most runners, love my carbs. However, I do my best to fuel my body with healthy fats, wholeโ€ฆ