Brooks Hyperion Shoes – Review

May 11, 2017

I started using racing flats two years ago–in part due to working at Skinny Raven. I’ve always wanted to use them, so it was just a matter of time to find the right ones. I like racing flats for their minimal weight, flexibility in the materials used, and to be honest they make me feel fast too!

For the past two summers I’ve been racing in the Adidas Adios Boost. I really, really like these, and I have raced everything from the 5K to the marathon in them.

This year, I wanted a second pair of racing flats since I  race quite a bit, and I plan to keep racing for several years. I’ve tried a lot of shoes on over the years of working at Skinny Raven, so when I find something I like, I don’t hesitate to buy it. The Brooks Hyperion came out about a year ago, and when I first tried it on, I was smitten! They were really comfortable, light weight, but still enough cushion to run some miles in.

I wore the Hyperion for both the Alaska Heart Run 5K and the Get In Gear 5K. I also did a couple speed workouts to break them in. I had no issues with them causing blisters or rubbing my feet in an uncomfortable way. I like that the toe box isn’t too narrow for my wider (but not true wide) feet. The heel cup hugs my foot nicely, and overall the shoe is very comfortable. Also, I stuck with my standard running shoe size, which is a half size larger than my casual shoe size.

Things I like about the shoes:

  • roomy toebox
  • no heel slipping
  • lightweight
  • ability to really snug the shoelaces tight
  • fun, bright colors

Things I didn’t care for:

  • very little arch support
  • I wasn’t able to use an insert in the shoe. It took up too much volume, which then caused my heel to slip out.

I have yet to determine if there’s enough cushion in these shoes for a full marathon. I think I would be fine for a half marathon, and I think it would be fine for a full marathon, but I would do at least one 20-miler in them beforehand. Overall, I love these racing flats, and plan to wear them for many races this summer!

    1. How were these shoes in your recent marathon? I presume you wore them.

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