Skipping My Long Run

December 9, 2015

As always, we are staying busy this week, so here’s a really quick update on what we’ve been up to so far.

When I got home from work on Sunday night, Craig had this awesome fire going for me. I was so excited because I have requested a fire many times in the past.


I had a long run scheduled for Sunday morning, but after being up with Cullen for 3.5 hours, sick with a cold, and an alarm set for 5:30 a.m., I decided to forego the run. I felt horrible, but my coach said I made the right decision. Sunday/Monday night was another rough night for all of us (Cullen has been cutting 8 new teeth this past month!), so I opted to run in the evening after Craig got home from work. It was actually kind of nice running in the evening. When I got back at 6 p.m., Cullen was already sleeping!! But he woke up again after a 2 hour nap, so we were up from 8 p.m. – 11 p.m. That little rascal.


Cullen does this thing where he wrinkles up his nose and snorts through his teeth. I tried to capture it in this picture, but it makes me laugh every time he does it.


When we were out running errands this morning, we stopped at the UPS store to drop off a package to be mailed, and the lady working gave us these two books. How nice!


I also stopped at Hut No. 8 to sell some of my clothes I never wear. After being pregnant for nearly a year, I’ve been lacking on things to wear. I feel like I’ve had to rebuild my entire wardrobe since a lot of things are kind of outdated and don’t fit anymore.


Has anyone ever read the book Boss Baby? It is quite hilarious (and true!). Cullen kept requesting I read this page again and again.


I love packing Cullen’s lunch. I have so much fun trying to incorporate as many colors into his snack as possible.


And who would have thought a baby would like tea so much.


This afternoon while Cullen napped, I worked on our Christmas cards. I scored a pretty sweet Black Friday deal on these Shutterfly photo cards.



  1. Do you send a Christmas card/photo to your friends and family?
  2. What odd thing does your baby/child like?
  3. Do you prefer to run in the morning or evening? 
    1. Hi, new reader here and fellow sub-3 chaser! I just found your blog and I’m looking forward to following along and reading about your training! I’m curious, who do you have as a coach? You seem to be making really good, steady progress in the marathon. Last fall I ran my fastest marathon yet, and then got a bit too ahead of myself and overtrained. Learning all about steady patient progress now 😀

      1. Hey, nice to “meet” you. 🙂 My coach is a friend and someone I know from MN. Her name is Nichole, and she has a blog as well: (There currently is a waitlist to join her team.)

        When you overtrained, what happened: burn-out? an injury? something else?

        1. Cool, I’ll check out her blog.
          Hah, overtraining was a bit of all of the above! Burnout: couldn’t finish workouts and just wanted to lay down on the sidewalk and go to sleep (paces I had been hitting a couple of weeks before were impossible to hold), injury: my hip got whacked out of alignment (most likely due to fatigued supporting muscles), other: bad sleep, weight loss, overall decline in fitness…
          Now 8 months later I’m finally feeling back to myself. Now just to get back in shape hehe. Unfortunately I learned the hard way what it feels like to push too far, but at least I learned my lesson and will never do that again!

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