Training Countdown

July 12, 2015

Only 5 weeks until my marathon–the Moose’s Tooth Marathon, which is part of the Big Wild Life Runs race series. This has really snuck up on me! This means only 2 more weeks of training before it is time to taper. Wow!


Training has been going really well, and I have very little to complain about. I’ve felt sluggish on some runs and haven’t always hit the target paces for my tempo runs, but I think I’ve done pretty well training with an infant who is still up at least two times each night.

My right Achilles tendon has been swollen for the past two months, but it has never bothered me while running thankfully. I went to see the physical therapist, and he gave me some exercises to do. Honestly I haven’t been super diligent about doing them, but I was still hoping it would get better with time.


A recap on my runs from this past week.

Week of July 6 – 12


AM run – 7 miles, easy | 53:51 | average pace – 7:41

PM run – 4 miles, easy | 31:43 | average pace – 7:55

Both easy runs, no-complaints. There was some smoke from the Canadian wildfires, which was kind of bad in the evening, and I was hesitant about doing the run, but I survived.


2 miles warm-up

2 x 10 minutes @ tempo (6:30 pace)

Tempo splits:

#1 interval – 6:27, 6:28, 6:26

#2 – 6:41, 6:37, 6:36

2 miles cool-down for a total of 10 miles

The second one was more difficult due to inclines and running against the wind. The tempo pace is getting easier, but these are still tough workouts! Otherwise I was pretty happy with how this went. This was my last run in Minnesota. Sad face.


9 miles, easy pace | 1:10 | average pace – 7:51

Easy run back in Anchorage. Rainy and cool. No more warm weather.


AM run – 8 miles, easy with 8 x “telephone phone” runs (pick-ups) | 1:01 average pace – 7:39

PM run – 5 miles, easy

AM run – Went well. I actually felt like I could pick up the pace better during these telephone pole runs than some of the others.

PM run – Easy miles with a friend. Not even sure of the time as I forgot my watch, so she kept track.


8 miles | 1:04 | average pace – 8:00

Easy run with a friend. The time always flies by when I run with others.


12 miles, up-tempo pace | 1:19 average pace – 7:11

I ran the whole workout at an up-tempo–not a true tempo pace but not an easy pace either. Felt good through the whole run.


13 miles, easy pace |1:39 | 7:40

This went fine. I wasn’t feeling super motivated to run because I had a lot of other things to do at home.

Total: 76 miles


And a picture of Cullen just because. He can finally sit up on his own, which is exciting.

While I was in Minnesota I started reading 10% Happier. (My mom checked it out for me from the library after I said I wanted to read it. How sweet.) I liked it, but I didn’t connect with the author’s struggles like I thought I would. I wasn’t able to finish it while I was in Minnesota, but I think I will finish reading it because it is well-written and a fun read.


I have a fun blogging opportunity coming up this week that involves flying to a part of the state only accessible by plane and boat. Cullen and I will be going on a trip for most of the week, and I’m looking forward to sharing our experiences there!

    1. 76 miles!! i’m so impressed. it’s been ridiculously hot & humid here so every run feels terrible these days for me (but there was a breeze this morning which made it a tiny bit better). i can’t wait til fall.

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