Mayor’s Half-Marathon 2015 – Race Recap

June 22, 2015


So-so-so close to another PR.

Current half-marathon PR set in 2013 at Her Tern Half-Marathon1:30:27

Time from Saturday’s Mayor’s Half-Marathon – 1:30:37

A mere 10 seconds off my PR, which is really good considering the course is not a fast course.

Screen shot 2015-06-22 at 11.23.37 AM

It is a pretty hilly course, but there is a trail portion through the woods that slows everyone down. And let’s clarify this was not a nice wide, flat, groomed trail through the woods. This is a unpaved trail that constantly goes up and down, and is full of rocks, tree roots, divots, and ruts. (I literally almost twisted my ankle three different times.) The trail is narrow and has a really steep downhill portion as well. For the pavement runner that I am, I am never thrilled about this part, but at least I know it is coming now. So if it hadn’t been for this portion through the woods, which definitely slowed me down by at least one minute (maybe even two), I could have had a PR in the bag and a sub-1:30 finish. Oh well, I’ll get it next time. Besides that, race went quite well.


I’ve discovered a new race secret that I suppose I will share with everyone. Instead of waiting in line for the port-a-potties at the race start, I will run to a nearby park and use the port-a-potties there. I’m not sure it would work at other races, but it works wells for the races that start downtown in Anchorage since there are a lot of other parks nearby. So on Saturday I ran the 0.5 mile to a park, used the port-a-potty without having to wait in line (but I barely had enough toilet paper to wipe), and then ran the 0.5 mile back to the start of the race. It was perfect–I got my warm-up in and didn’t have to waste 10 minutes waiting in line for a bathroom.

Our friend, Lauren, so kindly watched Cullen during the race since Craig ran the 4 miler as well.


It is a tough race, and I ran hard the entire time. (I am still sore today–Monday.) I did start out a little on the fast side since I wanted to have some extra time in the bank for the trail portion, but other than that, I felt pretty consistent with my pace.

All in all, I was very happy with my performance. I know I’ll be able to PR on a different course later this summer. However, my current freak-out moment is that I will have to run the marathon at a faster pace than I did this half-marathon if I want to break 3 hours. Eek!


So fun to have Craig and Cullen there cheering me on. I love seeing them as soon as I cross the finish.


    1. Hello Michelle
      Nice run, I’m a runner but I have yet to enter any races, I guess I’m chicken.
      I love to hear about Alaska because we are wanting to move there next summer. But when I first found your link on Pinterest and read your post about things you wish you knew before moving- I was very discouraged but I went on to read your recent post and see you still live there.
      Did things change or did you change how you see Alaska? Just wounding.

      1. Some things have changed that make living here more enjoyable: a job I enjoy, being in a house versus an apartment, good friends. I’ve also tried to live in the present rather than dwell on the past or live for the future. I still want to move, but I’m not willing to sacrifice my marriage.

    1. Nice job and big congrats! P.S. I loved (loved!) the trail section and passed 22 people in that short stretch, lol. Felt like a pro until we got back on pavement. P.S.S. There’s a nice pic of you on Rick Schleyer’s Photo Facebook Page, in the Mayor’s Marathon, Vol. 1 album (waaaay down the page). It’s right toward the finish, before that big, friggin’ hill.

    1. Congrats! You’ll definitely get a sub 1:30 next time on a flatter course. Does Kenai River Marathon have a half? I imagine that would be a pretty flat course. I know what hill you’re talking about and it’s so mean for that thing to be right near the end! Also, the nearby park bathroom is the best idea. I have all the good (line free) bathrooms near all my club’s races. It’s a warmup and quick pee spot rolled into one.

      1. Kenai does have a half course, and I’m pretty sure it is very flat.

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