Cullen’s Baptism + 16 Weeks Postpartum Running

February 16, 2015

On Saturday, Cullen was baptized!


We didn’t intentionally plan it, but what a better way to show our love for Cullen and the love God has for us by baptizing Cullen on Valentine’s Day.


We had several friends and family attend the ceremony, and we were glad they were able to witness Cullen’s baptism.

The priest blessings the waters Cullen would be baptized in.


Cullen was a very good baby and did so good throughout the ceremony.



This past week of running went really well for me! I hit 36 miles for the week and am glad I haven’t been having any pain or discomfort in my incision area from my c-section. Here’s a recap on this past week of running 16 weeks postpartum.

February 9 – 15 . . . .16 Weeks Postpartum


4 miles | time – 37:15 | pace – 9:18

I felt good during this run, but I wish my pace could have been faster. It is frustrating how slow my pace is during the winter.


6 miles | time – 49:30

Ran on the treadmill. I felt good, and my pace was between 8:13 – 8:20. I also lifted weights for 30 minutes.


6 miles – track workout

3 x [2 x 200 meters, 1 x 400 meters]

Splits –

:41, :43, 1:30

:42, :42, 1:32

:41, :42, 1:30

I did a track workout at The Dome (The indoor track here in Anchorage.). It was tough but exactly what I needed.


Rest day


4.5 miles

I did this run on the treadmill. I ran on a treadmill with a screen that played scenes from the last section of the Boston Marathon, so it felt like I was running the course which was a good distraction.


10 miles | 1:25

I was planning on running 9 miles, but my loop was over 9 miles, so I tacked on some extra to run 10! I felt good and was glad to be running with a friend.


5.5 miles | time – 46:10 | pace – 8:24

I actually ran home from the hockey area, after watching a game. I’m pretty sure I run faster when I have a place to be going!

Total: 36 miles

I am really happy with the progress I made this week. I am still feeling good, so I am going to increasing my mileage this week and am hoping to hit 40 miles.

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