Back on the Running Wagon

January 27, 2015

We’re getting back on the training wagon.

After consulting with others who have had a c-section, a physician, physical therapist, and using my best judgement, I’ve decided to keep up with my training and running. While the incision area does still bother me on most runs, I can tell it is getting better. Most likely the discomfort is due to built up scar tissue around the incision area. I’ve been trying to break up the scar tissue and do core work to strengthen the surrounding muscles.


I covered 3 miles in 25:40 tonight wearing these YakTraxs that were sent to me by the company. They have an extra strap to keep them on and studs on the underside of the forefoot to help when it is especially icy out. They are definitely more souped up than the ones I had before. I’ll do a full review after I wear them a few more times.


I also did an at-home weight lifting program I’ve designed for the runners I coach. (I am still accepting new athletes if anyone is interested!) You can do so many things at home with a few dumbbells, which is key these days when it is harder for me to get to the gym as often as I used to.


Tonight for dinner I made these Healthy Chipotle Chicken Sweet Potato Skins that were dynamite. They had an awesome flavor and were loaded with all sorts of healthy, wholesome foods. I definitely plan to make these again.



    1. I have the same pair of Yaktrax but haven’t been able to use them yet (our blizzard on Mon was a bust for PA). I’m looking forward to reading your review of them!

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