Christmas Lights Run

December 22, 2014

I hosted a Christmas Lights Run on the shortest day of the year, and I think it is going to have to be a tradition from now on.

We ran 5 miles through the neighborhoods and enjoyed looking at Christmas lights, chatting, and the fresh winter air. I am so thankful this winter hasn’t been super cold, snowy, or too depressing.


This was my second time running 5 miles since delivering, and I can feel myself getting stronger each time. It wasn’t a speedy run, per se,, but right now I am working on my endurance; the speed will have to wait for now.

Craig and my parents watched the little one, who loves waving his arms and kicking his feet (hence the blurry arms). My parents said he is going to skip walking and go straight to running.


After the run, we enjoyed some delicious appetizers and snacks: cheese and meat tray, Slow Cooker Chex Mix (which burnt, so I wouldn’t make it that way again), Pita Tree Appetizers, and Cinnamon Chip bread from Great Harvest Bread.


We also had hot beverages including hot chocolate, tea, and spiced apple cider. Craig bought these mulling spices for apply cider from Summit Spice and Tea in Anchorage, and if you are a local, I would highly recommend picking these up if you want something like this for your next party.


We hung out and chatted about all things running. It is so nice to have friends who enjoy the same thing you do!


Now that I am back to running, I can give an accurate review of some socks sent to me. (However, I knew I would love these socks even before the company sent them to me because I’ve tried them on at the running store before.)

I received two pairs of Feetures socks and absolutely LOVE them! My ideal running socks are thin, low cut, moisture-wicking, the back doesn’t slip down, and ones that fit like a glove (each sock is foot specific). These Feetures socks have everything I love about a running sock, and they are now the first socks I grab when going for a run. DSC_0015

I also received a pair of their Elite Merino Ultra Light No Show Tab running sock. I don’t have a problem with my feet getting cold when running in the winter, but if you do, I would highly recommend these socks! I’ve worn them while out walking the dog, and they kept my feet nice and toasty during the walk.


I’ve tried a fair number of running socks and these are awesome! Bottom line: I would spend my own money on these.

    1. I do a run like this every year too (minus the party after the run). Living in a place that doesn’t get snow (read: real Christmas), it’s hard to get in the mood, but the lights run definitely helps me.

    1. I was telling my husband the other day how I didn’t really mind this winter, and he reminded me that it’s because there’s almost no snow and it hasn’t been that cold. And then I said, “Oh, yeah …”

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