Winter Wonderland

December 3, 2014

Since my sister, Kristy, arrived in town, we have been busy enjoying our time together in the winter wonderland of Alaska..

Here’s a quick synopsis of our last few days together.

On Friday, we stopped by Skinny Raven to check out their Black Friday deals. Plus I wanted to visit my coworkers, and I’m sure my coworkers didn’t mind seeing this little guy.

Check out the super cute onesie Kristy made him! We saw similar onesies at a really expensive baby store in Minnesota, so instead she made her own!

We also went to the mall to peruse and find any deals we couldn’t live without. When I was in Nordstrom, I saw a print created by my friend, Leah! So cool to know the person behind this work.

Saturday afternoon we ventured to one of the state parks to cut down our own Christmas tree. (We did the same thing last year.) It was snowing, which made it seem appropriate for the occasion.

Craig had fun chopping the tree down, I stayed warm with Cullen strapped to my chest, Kristy was our photographer, and Sadie found two moose carcases.

We found the best non-Charlie Brown tree we could.

On Sunday, we welcomed Cullen into the church. The priest said some prayers over him and gave me a blessing as well. We will be baptizing him within the next month or so.

After church, we almost always have a meal prepared by someone in the church. Warm soup for a wintery day.

Sunday afternoon we relaxed at home and enjoyed time with this guy.

Monday morning Kristy and I ventured outside for a walk. Cullen was snugly and warm in his polar bear snowsuit and reindeer hat.

We ventured through the winter wonderland, while Sadie explored.

On Tuesday we met up with Craig at Middle Way Cafe for lunch and dessert. Love their vegan cupcakes!

Cullen slept the entire time.

He has been taking a 3 hour nap in the afternoon, which is nice because it allows me to do errands or get things around the house done.

This little chunk is not so little anymore though. We weighed him yesterday and found out he is 12 pounds. My sister brought him the giraffe stuffed animal, and it appears he took a liking to it.

    1. I can’t believe he’s already 12 pounds! Way to go, mama! 🙂 I cheered this week when Greta passed the 8 lb mark!

      1. I know! Someone gave it to us. I think it is from Target.

    1. Michelle,

      I didn’t get like the first nine pictures of this days blog. Maybe I just don’t know what to do. I did get the last couple of pictures. The ones I saw, of course I loved. 🙂

    1. My husband and I are adopting a baby (he comes home on Monday) and I bought that same exact color and style of Ergo! Cullen is so cute. I’ve been following your blog for years so I am excited I will have a baby about the same age as yours so I can continue to follow along and relate!

    1. How sweet! He is such a cutie! Its so fun when they start to get their little baby rolls 🙂 Congrats!

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