Craig’s 30th Birthday

November 4, 2014

Craig celebrated his 30th birthday yesterday!

He said he’s felt 30 for a while now, so I don’t think he had too much of a hard time adjusting to this new decade–unlike myself.

We slept in, which we often do these days as Cullen is my night owl–staying up until midnight or 1:00 a.m. eating. In the morning, Craig watched The Walking Dead while I took care of Cullen and got myself ready.

In the afternoon we went to Steam Dot Coffee for a coffee date. Usually we go to Kaladi Brothers Coffee, but I suggested changing things up.


We made a stop at Target for some baby lotion (Cullen’s skin has been so dry!) and then stopped by to see some of my coworkers at work.


The night his birthday, I told Craig we had dinner reservations at Ginger. (Secretly the real reason was that I had invited several of our friends to surprise him and welcome him to this new decade.) Immediately he was not so sure about taking a newborn out-to-eat at a nice restaurant. (“Oh great!” I thought, “Now how am I going to convince him to go out for dinner!”) Luckily his dad convinced him it was a good idea to go, and everything worked out in the end.


We had a nice dinner with our friends and family, and Cullen slept nearly the entire time!


Our family of three!




      1. Someone else suggested olive oil, and Craig suggested coconut oil. I might have to give it a try because I’m not convinced the lotion is working.

    1. how fun to celebrate a big birthday with your new baby! 🙂 my husband, his brother, and their dad all have birthdays near each other which is fun. love that you guys are able to get out & about. hopefully that will mean that cullen will be a great traveler!

    1. You guys are in such a new chapter of your life. It’s amazing that you are able to be up and walking around so much! I would be exhausted. Glad to hear you are recovering well.

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