39 Weeks ~ Pregnancy Update

October 16, 2014

Well, here we are, one week away from the baby’s expected due date of October 23. Maybe this will be my last pregnancy update post??

Who knows when the baby will come, but I am anxious to get the show on the road. Yet, at the same time, I know babies come when they are ready. I have been feeling good, so if I have to wait another week (or two), I know I’ll be okay. I just don’t want to go too late and have to be induced if at all possible!


Wow! That’s a big belly.

There really isn’t too much new things to report, but here’s a quick recap.

Doctor’s Appointment

The doctor confirmed the baby has dropped. I measured 37 cm the last two weeks and 36 cm yesterday. Unfortunately/fortunately that doesn’t help predict when the baby will arrive.


Tomorrow is my last day of work at Skinny Raven Sports before I take my maternity leave. I am bummed. Never before have I had a job where I have truly looked forward to going to work. I will only be returning to work after the first of the new year on a very part-time basis since I wouldn’t be able to justify paying for child care. I would work on days Craig is off from work or my mother-in-law can watch the baby.

No, it has not snowed here. This is an old picture.

Weight Gained

24 pounds


We are very excited to find out if the baby is a boy or girl. We’ve had no regrets about waiting to reveal the baby’s gender at his/her birth. I’m hoping it will help me push him or her out faster!

I would say 75 – 80% of people guess boy because apparently I am carrying a basketball, and I haven’t gained weight in my butt and thighs.

My dream last night was that the baby was a girl though, so I believe I’ve now had the same number of dreams about a boy and a girl. I have no idea!

Either way I just want a healthy baby. There is a part of me that would prefer a girl (shhh. . . .don’t tell the baby if it turns out to be a boy), but eventually I want both genders, so I’ll leave it up God and Craig’s genes since he’s the one who decides.


After our run this evening–way too close-up!


We have one boy and one girl name picked out. We haven’t told a soul and won’t reveal that information until he/she is born. We’re just full of surprises, huh? We actually chose the two names last fall before I got pregnant and haven’t waived or had second thoughts since.


Yes, I am physically and mentally (as much as I can be!) ready. The baby’s room has been done for about 6 weeks now, my hospital bag is packed, and the house is clean.


Tonight Craig and I went for a 2 mile run. It helped having someone there to distract me. I didn’t feel the need to stop and walk very much, which was nice. We had a fun run together. . . . and then I found $5.




    1. That’s so weird, this week I am pretty sure the baby dropped the day after we hung out! That day I could barely breathe with the baby’s butt in my ribs. The next morning I could feel the baby’s head lower in my pelvis, and my belly was inches lower than before! Plus I have a lot more energy and breathing room now.

      Nice work finding money! I’m glad you were able to run all the way through. I am just looking forward to starting after this one is born.

    1. Good luck! Such an exciting time! My BFF was due May 23 and I was due sept 23 and we both had our babies on our due dates – something about that 23rd due date I swear!

    1. so exciting! i think it’s so fun when couples wait to find out and keep names secret. my husband and i have had names picked out since we were first married 5 years ago and no babies yet 🙂

    1. Good luck Michelle, I had 4 babies and would do again if I still had all my baby making parts. May you be blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby boy or girl.

    1. You guys sounds like my husband and I! We didn’t find out gender and didn’t tell a soul the names (boy, was my mom upset!). I wavered on the name, but hubby got it out to the nurse before I could say anything. It fits perfectly, so no complaints. I carried a basketball and didn’t gain in the hips region and had a GIRL. So there you have it!

      1. I like hearing stories of people defying traditional old wives tales. 😉

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