Evening Run

October 12, 2014

The weekends of it being just Craig and I are slowly diminishing. Who knows, maybe this was our last weekend together!

Saturday I worked for 7 hours, which means I was on my feet that whole time and going up and down the stairs many, many times each hour. I was good until the last hour, and then I was ready to be done.

After work, I asked Craig what he wanted to do, and he said he wanted ice cream. I’m pretty sure he has initiated more trips to Tastee Freez during the last 9 months than I have. And he even tried to play it off that it was me who wanted onion rings dipped in ice cream.

His status on Facebook:

Babies almost here and mom wanted to eat onion rings dipped in banana split … Such a weirdo.

Umm. . no. The trip was 100% initiated by my husband, and I let him do all the ordering.

Sunday was church and a coffee date with a friend. I figured I have to get in the last of my friend visits before I am too preoccupied with a newborn.

Sunday evening I decided to go for a run. I rarely run in the evening, but I need to do it more often–maybe once a week or every other week. It is a nice change from the early morning runs. I will never be an afternoon/evening runner all the time, but it is fun to change it up every once in a while.


And if you thought my cankles were bad in this picture, they were much worse today–AND I even wore my compression socks all day. Oh well, I know they will go away after the pregnancy is done.


Actually, this picture is a little more reflective of the view looking at my feet. (Okay, so I even cheated in this picture and leaned forward.)



At this point I am only running in order to say I ran up until X weeks pregnant. I know these runs aren’t going to do anything for my training or fitness, but they do help with my mood and sanity, so I’m going to keep it up as long as I can.

Week 38 of Pregnancy Workouts


Off – I rested after my fall and overnight stay in the hospital.


1 mile with the dog (35 minute run/walk) + 30 minutes weights at the gym


3 miles/31:34/average pace – 10:30 + 30 minutes weights at the gym + 30 minute walk with Sadie and Craig

An average run these days.


1 mile/9:45

My friend Erin and I made a quick trip around the block and then chatted about babies, labor, and returning to running.


3 miles/34:25

Whoa! I felt really good at first and ran the entire first mile without stopping. But things quickly deteriorated after that. Ah well. I took Sadie with me for the last mile, which was a mistake. . . she is so slow!


Off – I worked 7 hours, so I didn’t need to be on my feet any more.


2 miles/20:22/10:10

Fun to change things up and run in the evening.

Total: 10 miles


We had a visitor in our front yard this evening.

    1. You are awesome! I’m so impressed you’re still running. That moose is way cool!

    1. Your fall colors look nice. Might as well keep running through the warmer temperatures before winter hits, right?

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