Pregnancy Update – 8 months

September 23, 2014

Today marks 8 months of being pregnant. Sometimes I think it has gone fast, other times I think, “Wow, I’ve been pregnant for a long time.” (I’ve known since February.)

But I can’t complain, this pregnancy has been very easy, and soon, very soon we will be holding our little one in our arms. . . .crazy!!


Somehow I manage to always cut my head off. And my belly looks quite torpedo-like in this side profile pictures. Anyway, I am still feeling good these days and doing what I normally do without too many struggles (besides bending down and tying my shoes, which is a bit challenging). But anyhow, here’s an overview of where I’m at these days.


Still able to eat whatever I’d like–no aversions, no cravings. I can’t say I’ve had any crazy cravings, which I’m sure Craig doesn’t mind.


My running has slowed down to 10 minutes/mile, which is what I expected. Most said they ran 2 minutes/mile slower than what they averaged prior to getting pregnant. My hip flexors and minor cramping usually turn my run into a walk, but that’s okay. As long as I can still get out there 4-5 mornings each week.


Weight Gained

20 pounds

Side Effects

– My feet and ankles will sometimes swell during the day. They will be puffy in the afternoon/evening but fine in the morning. I have been wearing my compression socks, which helps.

– I hope I feel my hips start to loosen up a bit because right now they still feel really tight. (I’ve always been tight.)

– There has been some bruising around my belly button, which I guess is common.

Comments from People (strangers and friends)

– “Are you pregnant with twins?”

– “You’re always early with your first one.”

– “You’re usually late with your first pregnancy.”

– “I think it is a boy. You’re carrying low.”

– “Everyone’s having a girl, so you’ll have a girl as well.”

– “You’re not still running, are you?”


Other Fun Baby Things

– I can feel various body parts when the baby starts moving–possibly a hand, and I think a foot the other day.

– I felt the baby have hiccups the other morning.

– I had a wonderful shower hosted by two friends and my mother-in-law. A delicious spread was made, games were played, and presents were opened. I received a wide range of baby items that nearly completes everything I wanted. (I have one Target order I’m waiting on with 3 other items.) Other than that, the baby’s room is done! All of his/her clothes are washed and ready, items are organized, and I’ve been working on the baby book as well. Now we just wait.



Has anyone taken evening primrose oil a few weeks out from their due date?


    1. I took primrose oil. My doctor told me to. Supposedly it helps prevent tearing???

      1. I keep reading it is supposed to ripen the cervix and help you dilate faster. How many weeks out from your due date did you start taking it?

    1. Hey Michelle, I’m a friend of Craig’s from college and saw your post on FB. I had a baby recently and tried eating dates for a month before the due date… I was worried about going past my due date or needing an induction and feel like this helped me avoid both! Here’s a link to the research!

      Good luck! Happy nesting!

      1. Interesting. . .I had no idea. But that’s good because I’ve been eating a few dates most days in my smoothie or just plain. Maybe it will help me as well! (I do remember you from Craig’s college days.) 🙂

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