Nakd Bars + Weekly Mileage

September 21, 2014

Last week I received a package of Nakd bars from the folks at Natural Balance Foods. I was happy to try out these fruit and nuts bars as I love trying new things and these are totally something up my alley that I would buy in the store anyhow.


I received 13 different bars and each one was a different flavor! I was impressed with all of the different options of flavors.

I first tried the rhubarb custard flavored bar and had the cocoa crunch in my lunch last week. So far I have really liked every flavor, but one of my favorite has been the cocoa mint.

These bars remind me of the texture and consistency of a Larabar–as they are made from very similar ingredients: dates, dried fruit, nuts, and other natural ingredients depending upon the flavor.


I am thankful I am still able to run at least a little bit these days, but I am also looking forward to not carry around 20 extra pounds while running. Only a few more weeks . . . .crazy!!

I am still sitting at pretty much the same amount of mileage each week, averaging anywhere from 13 – 17 miles per week. Here’s a look at running during the 35th week of my pregnancy.


2 miles/20:48/average pace – 10:22 + 30 minute walk with Sadie




4 miles/39:44 + 25 minute walk with Sadie

The first mile was good but mile 2 wasn’t so great. Once mile 3 came around though, the pain wasn’t as intense and things clicked along better.


50 minute walk

Walked the dog and walked to work.


5 miles/49:48

Took me about an hour to complete the whole workout. It was fun to get out early in the morning even if it is dark these days. My hip flexors are still the one thing that slows me to a walk these days.


1.5 miles/16:22 + 60 minute walk to and from work

Even running two days in a row is getting to be challenging. Had some GI distress, which didn’t help.


30 minutes of weight lifting

I decided not to run today because I knew I would be on my feet all day at work and the last time I ran a little longer in the morning and then worked all day, my feet and legs were not happy.


5 miles/47:27/average pace – 9:29

Whoa, I was being a speed daemon today. I always feel so good during the first mile and think, “Today’s the day I am going to run farther.” But then something happens around 2 – 2.5 miles and I feel the urge to stop and walk. I don’t try to push through the pain these days because it just doesn’t feel right to do.

Total: 17.5 miles


My Wave Riders are still my favorite shoes to run in.


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