In the Know

September 14, 2014

Sometimes I feel like I live under a rock when I don’t read the paper or talk to people who are in the know.

Things happening in Anchorage that I’ve recently learned about:

1. I had NO idea H&M is coming to Anchorage. I’m stoked! I’m positive I will be shopping there frequently: fun, trendy, reasonably-priced clothes. I’m there.

H&M store front


2. The big talk in town is the Alaska Airlines Center on the University of Alaska – Anchorage campus. There was a drive-in movie (Jurassic Park) there the other night and Tim McGraw is going to be performing there in October.

3. A friend introduced me to the site Shop the 48 in order to save on shipping costs to Alaska. For those of us who live here, you know how ridiculous the shipping costs can be to have items shipped to Alaska. But now you can have your items shipped to an address within the contiguous states, and then this company will ship the item to you for a much more reasonable rate.

Screen shot 2014-09-14 at 3.26.28 PM

4. Someone told me that there is a coffee hut in south Anchorage that sells really yummy fruit smoothies and health drinks. Any one else tried Fitspresso?

5. The US Women’s Rugby team came to Anchorage over the weekend to share their sport with kids.

For those who live in the area, what else is new?


Weekly mileage from the 34th week of my pregnancy. I’m still chugging along.

I had some solid runs this week: one with no walk breaks and two with very little pain.



3 miles/25:53 + 20 minutes weight lifting

Ran without stopping! I had a friend to run with, so I’m sure that helped for her to distract me.


Off – got way too busy to do anything for exercise


5 miles/49:28

I couldn’t believe I ran 5 miles. I only stopped 3 times and my hip flexors weren’t quite as bad.


2 miles/19:15 + 35 minute walk with Sadie + 30 minutes weights at the gym

Another run without stopping. I am enjoying my early morning runs even if it is dark.


35 minute walk with the dog


3 miles/29:50

I was really hoping to try and run 6 miles today since I was able to run 5 on Wednesday, but my left hip flexor got really cranky after a mile.



Total: 13 miles (This has been a very common amount in the recent weeks.)

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