Weeks 31-33 ~ Pregnancy Update

September 4, 2014

Wow! 7 weeks until my due date! Things are getting even more real now.

But seriously, where did this bump come from!


I swear I’m not really that big, right? (At least I don’t feel like it!). Look, from the front you can barely even tell I’m pregnant.


We are getting closer to the end and here are the highlights that make it more real all the time.

– I’ve been working on decorating the baby’s room. Folding the clothes was really surreal and seeing those itty bitty newborn diapers made me really excited.

– The kicks and movement are getting stronger, which means the baby is getting bigger and stronger. This would be the baby trying to escape from my belly one night. It was so cool!


– People ask me all the time when I’m due, whether it is a boy or girl, if I’m continuing to run, etc. Obviously, it’s no question now.

– The belly is growing like crazy now. . . .obviously! Ay caramba!

I honestly don’t feel as big as I look. I rarely feel the weight or protruding belly I’m carrying around, which I’m not complaining about.


No aversions, no real, strong cravings. If anything cravings maybe carbs, but I’ve always craved more carbs as a runner.


Weight Gained

18 pounds

Things I Miss

– Being able to comfortably bend down to put on socks and tie my shoes. I can still do it, but it is definitely getting more difficult.

– Sushi. I haven’t craved it recently, but I did a few months ago.

– Of course running high mileage. Every time I look back at my training log, I miss knocking out 10+ miles every day. Oh well, next summer.



Running is still difficult, but I am doing what I can. I have been running 4 – 5 times per week, 2 – 4 miles at a time.

Dr. Appointments

I have a doctor’s appointment every two weeks now. This last time I went in, the midwife told me I had a boring pregnancy. I’m okay with boring! That means everything is moving along as it should. I measured 30 cm at 32 weeks pregnant, so I am right on par.

Other Items

– Occasionally I’ll have some swelling in my feet at the end of the day, but that’s usually because I’ve been on them all day long.

– The clothing options are getting more limited as time goes on. I only purchased a 4 maternity tops, one pair of maternity jeans, and have been making the rest of my clothes work. I feel like I’m too close to the end to buy anything else.

– We started our child birth classes this week. I have read a few pregnancy books already, but it will be nice to learn more things from our instructor.

– Rolling from one side to the other in the middle of the night definitely takes some extra effort.


30 Weeks


33 Weeks


    1. awww, you look cute! i’ve never heard a pregnancy described as “boring” but you’re right–that’s what you should be going for. love it 🙂

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