This is Not Good

August 31, 2014

Here’s a whole bunch of randomness for you this Labor Day weekend (i.e. the last weekend of summer–even though school has started here and the weather turned fall nearly four weeks ago), but let’s just pretend it is still summer.

Saturday morning I covered 4 miles in approximately 38:00. I felt okay (in relation to how I feel on most runs these day) and ran the last mile without a break.


Afterwards, I met up with a friend at Snow City Cafe for brunch. As I was getting ready and debating about what to wear, I decided to do something that I am embarrassed to admit. It doesn’t feel right to wear my boots already in August! Yet, it was chilly Saturday morning at 45*F when I was out running. Oh, this is not good. . . .

And look at that growing bump!


After brunch and a couple of errands (Lululemon, Home Depot, and Lowes), I headed to a yoga class at Anchorage Yoga.

Honestly I’m not sure if yoga has made me feel better during this pregnancy. Sometimes when doing yoga I’ve ended up feeling sore or as though I overstretched something. Yet at the same time, it see,s like it should have been good for me. Either way, I don’t have any more passes, so I won’t be practicing yoga any time soon.


Then the fun began. I received several gift cards to Target at my baby shower in Minnesota, so I went on a shopping spree for the baby’s room. It was so fun to be able to pick out pretty much anything I wanted without having to worry about paying for it myself. I was still very savvy with every dollar I had to spend in order to get as many things as possible.


I will be hosting a baby shower for friends here in a couple of weeks, so I worked on decorating the baby’s room Saturday afternoon and evening. We were fortunate to have a family member loan us a crib and dresser. Both are in excellent condition, but the handles on the dresser were a little outdated.


But with a simple switch-out of the handles, the dresser now looks much more modern and more my style.


Sunday was filled with church, another stop at Target, touching up paint in the baby’s room, and a Facetime chat with my newest athlete I am coaching. I honestly love each and every one of my athletes and can’t wait to see them work towards their goals!

I ended the night by taking Sadie on a walk, working on this post, and Ben & Jerry’s.


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    1. i’ve been counting down the days til i can wear boots again…but i’m afraid it will be awhile. and i love that improvement to the dresser. i inherited a dresser from a family member and painted it and updated the hardware and it looked so much better than before. 🙂

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