I Can’t Believe. . . .

August 28, 2014

I am still trying to do what I can in term of running these days.

I love running too much not to do it at all, so even though I had some discomfort at mile 1.5, which required walking, it is still better than not being able to run at all. I am doing what I can these days and enjoying the opportunities I have to get out. Plus, running during the summer and fall are my favorite times of the year to run. (I told Craig I wanted to be pregnant during the winter next time, so I still have all summer to run.)


When I am feeling good, which is usually for the first 1.5 mile, I have no problem maintaining a pace of 8:30 minutes/mile. But when I have some discomfort, my pace slows down, as I covered 3 miles in 27 minutes this morning.

Prior to my run, I had a toasted piece of cinnamon raisin bread. I can’t believe how much of a sucker for cinnamon-raisin bread and this kind from Costco is really good!


I can’t see my feet anymore. The belly is expanding every week.


I also can’t believe how hard it is getting to put socks on and tie my shoes already!


I can’t believe how addictive fresh homemade bread is straight out of the oven. I made two loaves of bread this afternoon following this recipe, which is currently my go-to recipe for homemade bread.


I can’t how much prosciutto costs! Seven dollars for three ounces. Yikes!


But it did get used in a very yummy recipe that I found in a recent Runner’s World magazine. The dish had pasta, prosciutto, pear, arugula, fennel, which was tossed in a very simple olive oil dressing. I was surprised at how the flavors melded together so well.


I can’t believe how much this baby is moving around right now. I can tell it is getting bigger and stronger. Last night it looked like it was trying to escape. I’m pretty sure I could watch my belly all day long.

    1. You are a kickass momma! And that top looks super adorable on you! Thanks for sharing the bread recipe, I totally pinned it and hope to make some this weekend!

    1. way to go! that pasta sounds really good. i’ll have to find the recipe! i haven’t looked at runner’s world yet this month.

      1. I’m always behind on reading Runner’s World too.

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