The Weekend

August 25, 2014

It was a low-key but fun weekend for us.

Saturday morning I ran 4 miles. I was really excited to get out and optimistic I would feel good but that wasn’t the case. I felt great for the first 1.5 miles but things got tough after that. Boo! My back finally stopped bothering me, but this time it was my hip flexors that were really fatigued. And overall running is just harder these days.


I worked on Saturday. I think everyone was at the Alaska State Fair, so there weren’t a lot of people coming into the store.

Craig and his dad were kind enough to volunteer to paint the baby’s room Saturday afternoon. Yeah! I picked out a gray color and they even did an accent wall. I love it! Now I can’t wait to start decorating.


Saturday evening Craig built a fire and we enjoyed some time in our backyard. Ever had Annie’s mac ‘n cheese by a fire? Nope, me neither until that night. Although, macaroni and cheese would be an easy camping meal. I chopped a bunch of veggies and Craig cooked everything.


The pregnant lady insisted on ice cream from Tastee Freez. I really haven’t pulled the pregnancy card these last 7 months, so I think it was justified. (I don’t think Craig minded either.) I had an Oreo “blizzard,” which seemed like a lot of ice cream, but it sure went down fast!


Sunday it rained all day, but we still got out and ventured to Kincaid Park for an easy walk/hike.


Sadie had a ball running through the woods and exploring. And Craig and I had fun talking and catching up.


Running is sure dwindling these days. First it was my back, then it was my hip flexors at the end of the week. I still try to get out as much as possible, but there isn’t much running going on. When I can’t run, I supplement with other activities, which helps. I am still trying to stay as active as possible.

Workouts ~ August 18 – 24 ~ Week 31 of Pregnancy


1.25 miles/12:32/average pace: 9:59

Ran/walked for 20 minutes. My back hurt a lot.


30 minute walk with the dog + 25 minutes weight lifting at the gym


3 miles/28:26/average pace: 9:28

Felt much better after my chiropractic adjustment yesterday. I was good for 1.5 miles but then it started bothering me again.


1.5 miles/15:00/average pace: 10:00

Ran/walked for 30 minutes.


60 minutes yoga + 25 minutes lifting weights at the gym


4 miles/38:40

I felt so good for the first 1.5 miles but then things went downhill pretty quickly.


60 minute walk/hike

Total: 11 miles

    1. Aww… don’t feel bad about not getting in as much running. You’re already doing way more than most pregnant women! Just staying active is the key.
      I have a friend who is into the “tough mudder” type races and she is due in October. She is having a hard time with her limitations too (horrible sciatica and pregnancy induced carpel tunnel).
      I like the gray walls, we just left our walls eggshell but I had a graphic designer friend who made some big vinyl decorations for the walls. We knew we were having a girl so we did some pink and light green. It was fun! I just couldn’t paint the walls pink, nope, no way!

      1. Oh no. I didn’t even realize there was such a thing as pregnancy-induced carpel tunnel! And I’m sure the sciatica pain is not pleasant either. Was it a big mural of some sort–if so, those turn out really cool!

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