Camping and Fishing in Alaska

July 16, 2014

I spent the past weekend and beginning of this week camping, fishing, clam digging, and exploring with Craig’s family.

Our adventures started on Sunday with some clam digging.


Clam digging is best done when the tide is as far out as possible in order to get to areas the clams live. You walk the shore line looking for dimples in the ground, which often signify a clam under the sand. When you find a dimple, you dig a hole next to it while a second person is on their hands and knees ready to dig with their hands once the hole is dug.


You dig like a dog until you reach the clam (those buggers can be fast!) and then pull it out of the sand.

Unfortunately, there were very few clams to be found and they were all very small, so any time one was found during our adventures, it was a big deal!

Matt (Craig’s brother) and Craig clam digging


Since there weren’t many clams to be found, I mostly just walked the beaches, took pictures, and found sea creatures: crab, baby halibut, sea worms, and this brightly colored star fish.


Our clam digging group: me, Craig, Kelly (my mother-in-law), Steve (father-in-law), Amanda (Matt’s girlfriend), and Matt (brother-in-law)


Since the clamming was unsuccessful, we tried our luck at fishing. However, no one was successful at that either. We “beat” the waters and only caught a few dolly vardens (a type of trout).


Sadie had a lot of fun exploring this weekend with us too.


One day we drove to Homer and explored the town. We had lunch at Fat Olives, which is a great restaurant and one that I would highly recommend if you are in the area.

A little photo bombing by my brother-in-law.


I couldn’t resist including this picture of Matt and his girlfriend, Amanda. Sorry guys. Needless to say we had a lot of fun together.


After lunch we drove The Spit and saw the iconic Salty Dog Saloon.


We also walked the “beaches” of Alaska and took in the pretty views of Kechemak Bay and surrounding mountains.



We also dined at The Flats Bistro, which is a new restaurant between Kenai and Soldotna. We received a recommendation from our friends and were not disappointed.


The whole trip was lot of fun and the weather was pretty nice for most of the time, which always helps. Tonight I will enjoy sleeping in my own bed though!


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