Pregnancy Update ~ Weeks 23 – 25

July 11, 2014

There is no stopping this bump now. While I don’t feel huge by any means, it is getting a little more difficult to bend over and fit into some pants.

I am also definitely feeling the baby move now. (Good thing I know it is alive since I haven’t seen the doctor in two months and we haven’t even done our anatomy scan/mid-pregnancy ultrasound. What a fiasco that has been!) Craig even saw the baby move the other night and was a little weirded out. These things definitely make it more real, that’s for sure!

Overall, I honestly cannot complain about this pregnancy, I have been feeling great and most of the time forget I am carrying a baby around all day.


My only complaint is the fact I haven’t been able to run—only some walk/runs with the dog, which just isn’t the same. I have supplemented my workouts with swimming, yoga, weight lifting, lots of walks, and hiking.


There really aren’t any foods that I really, really crave or ones that make me want to hurl.

Weight Gained

13 pounds


Nearly non-existent. I’ve been having a lot of groin/pelvis pain when running. I know all the ligaments are stretching out in order to prepare for delivery, but I wasn’t expecting it to happen this soon. Plus, I was still doing okay up until 3 weeks ago when it came to a stretching halt after running a half-marathon. My friend mentioned that maybe once everything stretches out, my body will readjust and I will be able to run again—even if it is slow, which I’m okay with. I just hate the thought of going 4 months without any significant running. At least I know there is an end to this—unlike when you have an injury, you have no idea how long it will take to heal.


I am definitely more tired these days. I am fine throughout the day, but I usually need 9 hours of sleep every night and I still often wake up feeling tired. It is hard work growing a baby!

New Pregnancy Item

The Ultimate Maternity Support Belt

I mentioned in another blog post that I purchased this support belt for running. While it has helped some, I wasn’t the cure-all I was hoping it would be. I still plan to use it for running and walking since it does help alleviate some of the pressure.


New Baby Items

Boppy Pillow

I’ve heard everyone rave about their Boppy pillow and picked up this one at a garage sale. I am going to buy a new, gender-neutral cover for it.


One of the baby’s first books. My in-laws purchased this locally, handmade book for the baby.


Craig picked up these Star Wars books at a garage sale for the baby. Ha! Only my husband. He also bought The Hobbit (a cartoon version) on VHS—yes, we still have a VHS player. DSC_0003 2

    1. Hi! Just found your blog. If it helps, I barely ran from weeks 23-26 because of similar problems but now I’m at 29 weeks and have been able to consistently (SLOWLY) run again. Fingers crossed for you! My husband still gets majorly freaked out when he sees or feels the baby move.

      1. This is very encouraging! I am really hopeful I can pick up running again with some help from the chiropractor.

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