Prediciting the Gender with Old Wives’ Tales

July 1, 2014

There was no running for me this morning. I tried running Monday morning, but it did not go well. I was good for half of a mile, but then the groin/pelvis pain set in. After one mile I turned around and walked/jogged the rest of the way back home. The rest of the day I was very sore and waddling like I had a belly four times the size.

With the lack of running, I have been itching to get some cardio in, so the next best option is swimming. I ended up lap swimming for 40 minutes this morning. I did not continuously swim for the entire time. I took many breaks since my muscles are not conditioned for this.


Prior to heading out the door for my swim session, I had half of this package of GU Chomps. I always wake up hungry these days, so I needed something to hold me over.


After swimming, I made a quick stop at the grocery store for a few items for tonight’s dinner. Any time I have to drive somewhere, I try to make at least two stops to make the trip and fuel worthwhile. It was kind of nice grocery shopping so early in the morning.


By this time I was starving, so I made up a quick bowl of oatmeal and Craig was nice enough to share his fruit smoothie with me.


That did not fill me up, so I had a bagel with cream cheese as well. I snagged a bite before I even toasted it.


When I got home from work, it was time to start making dinner. There are so many recipes I’ve made once and then completely forgot about them, so it is nice to have my online recipe book to access on my blog. I made Chicken and Artichoke Hotdish tonight, which was easy, relatively healthy, and Craig went back for thirds. This would definitely be a good recipe for a family with kids.


Since we are not finding out the gender of our baby until he or she is born, I thought I would it would be fun to see if these old wives’ tales end up being true.

1. No acne (or I should say very little) means BOY.

2. Dry skin for me –> BOY.

3. Sweet cravings = girl, salty cravings = boy. . . .not so much now, but early on it was savory foods all the way, so I guess BOY.

4. Take the mother’s age at conception (30 for me) and the year the baby will be born (2014), if both are even, it is a GIRL.

5. If Craig has gained weight since I became pregnant, then we’re having a girl. He has not, which menas a BOY.

6. No morning sickness = BOY.

7. Clumsy vs. graceful. . . . I haven’t found myself to be clumsy, so GIRL.

8. If your legs get bigger, that means it is a BOY.

(Sadly, this is true for me. I’ve had some serious problems with chaffing when running.)

9. Moody = girl. . . No moodiness for me, so BOY.

10. If you dream about having a boy, it will be a girl (and vice versa). I did have a dream a couple nights ago that we had a boy. This was actually the second dream where the baby was a boy. I guess we’ve having a GIRL.

111. I find myself sleeping on my right side more often, which means a GIRL.

12. Pee color = pale yellow = GIRL.

BOY = 7

GIRL = 5

I’m not sure where these came from, but some are pretty funny. Only time will tell!



1. If you aren’t able to run, what is your next best cardio option?

2. When (day/time of day) do you usually do your grocery shopping?

3. Were any/most of the old wives’ tales true for you?

    1. I love grocery shopping in the morning on the weekday! I wish I would do it more often.

    1. I cannot believe that you’re waiting for gender! With your “planning” personality and all, that is :). The Chinese Gender Predictor calendar thing was right for 2/3 with me. What does that one say you’re having?

      1. I know! I’m surprised that I wanted to wait to, but I’m glad we are. 🙂 That one said a girl. 🙂

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