Shoe Review: Adidas Energy Boost v2

June 24, 2014

There was no running for this girl today. I am still sore from the half-marathon on Saturday. Instead I took Sadie on a 30 minute walk today. She had fun sniffing every mailbox post, eating grass, and trying to chase birds. She gets so excited to go for walks!


After our walk, I pulled some weeds from our landscaping. I think the last time I pulled weeds was from my parents’ fields in Minnesota. This small area wasn’t nearly as daunting.


Much better. But I do need to plant some perennials so it doesn’t look quite so barren.


By this time my stomach was grumbling for lunch: veggie sandwich, Sun Chips, and organic carrots. I don’t buy organic produce that often, but the conventional carrots had been tasting so ‘meh’ lately. The organic ones just looked a lot more appetizing, and just as I suspected they were much sweeter and more flavorful.


For the race on Saturday I deviated from my Mizuno Wave Riders and wore a pair of Adidas running shoes. I had a pair of Adidas running shoes in high school, but since then I have never owned a pair and rarely see many people wearing them. However, since working at Skinny Raven, I’ve discovered they are definitely making a comeback (or at least what seems to be a comeback to me)—and rightly so because they have some seriously solid running shoes now.

A few years ago, Adidas designed a super responsive, light-weight, high cushioned foam that they now add to the sole of many of their running shoes. The foam (known as Boost) provides a high energy return and lasts much longer than the traditional foam found in most other running shoes.


While this is the Adidas Energy Boost v2 (v2 = version two), this shoe is not what is currently being sold in stores. The Adidas Energy Boost v2 came out early this spring with a pretty tight TechFit upper around the toe box. The pair of shoes I am wearing will be debuted next year (?) or maybe later this year (?) with an updated upper that is more mesh and a little looser. They are still calling these shoes the 2nd version but there are updates being done to them.

You can see the white styrofoam-like material on the bottom of the shoe, which is the Boost technology. (Click here to read more about the Boost technology.)


I have been wearing the Adidas Energy Boost for several weeks now and love how cushioned they are. They are unlike any other pair of running shoes I’ve worn. The toe box doesn’t have still material overlays that pinch the sides of my foot, pinky toe, or bunions (if you may have them). The heel cup is snug and even though the laces don’t go down as far as traditional laces, my foot feels secure in the shoe.

When I first started wearing the shoes, my heel felt like it slipped around a bit. I should clarify though–not my heel inside the shoe but the cushioning of the shoe in the heel. It seemed as though the material was too soft. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but I think I’m just not used to the extra responsiveness of a shoe like this. As I’ve worn the shoes, either I’ve gotten used to the feel of them or the material has conformed to my foot and running pattern (if that is possible). Overall, as time has gone on, they are fitting better, and I like them more.


I really do like the Adidas Energy Boost for daily running, which is a neutral shoe. They also make a structure version (Adidas Adistar) for those who need some additional support if you are a pronator.



How often do you buy organic produce?

Have you ever tried the new Boost shoes from Adidas?

    1. I have a pair of the adidas boost and I really like them. I have been struggling to find a new pair of shoes and this was pair 3 in as many months. They did feel a little loose like my ankle was getting no support. A lovely man at the store laced them up in a way that totally made them feel more secure. I really like running in them.

      1. It sounds like you were able to go to a running store where they could properly fit you for a shoe?? Because that’s a bummer that you’ve had to go through so many. At the store I work at, we will take a pair of shoes back–even if you wear them, if they aren’t working out for you. Not sure if any stores in your area do that??

    1. I buy a lot of food from Costco, and they frequently either only gave an organic option, or the organic option is only 10-20% higher cost, which is ok with me if it is an item where organic might make a difference in pesticide exposure, etc. I look at the EWG’s annual “dirty dozen” and “clean fifteen” lists to decide if I should opt for organic produce, but sometimes the cost still isn’t worth it and I get conventional.

    1. Cute shoes!! I’ve recently gotten into Adidas for running shoes (I picked up the climacool shoes at a warehouse sale) and have been doing really well with them. I may have to splurge and try these out, too!!

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