Pregnancy – Weeks 15 & 16

May 9, 2014

This might be the most boring pregnancy post ever. I really have nothing to report. I have been feeling great and honestly forget I am pregnant most of the time—kind of, in the fact I don’t have many symptoms. But I still think about he/she a lot. By the evening though my belly starts to swell more, which reminds me of the growing baby inside.

16 weeks pregnant

I am sorry for the lack of bump. There is a tiny one there, I promise.


See, a tiny bump at week 15.


I am so thankful I have been feeling so good these days. I know this will not last, so I am enjoying it while it does.


Definitely salty foods: pita chips, NutThin crackers, popcorn, and bacon. I also do find myself craving foods with a higher fat content: cookies, scones, nuts, peanut butter, etc.


I really don’t have many aversions. I still get a little nauseous when I see a bag of Cape Cod chips in the grocery store, but other than that, I can’t think of anything. I do feel like my palate is more picky about what I feel like eating at each meal though.


Going great! I can’t match the interval, tempo, and faster paces I ran pre-pregnancy, but I am only running about 30 seconds slower than my normal, average training pace. I ran 45 miles last week, plan to run 35 miles this week, and hopefully 50 next week.

I also took a yoga class and went to the gym to lift weights this past week. You can see a more detailed account of my workouts last week in this post.

Weight Gain

5 pounds


I read that the baby is starting to develop ears and can now hear our voices. (Crazy!) It is so cute when Craig talks to my belly and says ‘good night’ or sings to the baby.

I bought my first maternity top from Target. I don’t need it, but I couldn’t pass up 70% off. However, I’m not convinced it is a maternity top. I tried it on, but it didn’t seem to have a generous belly area like I expected. It was definitely in the maternity section at Target though.

DSC_0003 2I also plan on heading to Baby Gap tomorrow to use some coupons there. I went into the store last week and had a surreal moment when I realized that I will really need to buy these teeny, tiny clothes soon!


Symptoms I do not have:

Moodiness: I do not feel like I well up in tears when seeing a diaper commercial or feel any more emotional than normal. (Craig did confirm this as well.)

Frequent urination: I have not been drinking as much water as I used to now that I am busy and walking around at work all day, so I don’t drink as much water, but I also don’t feel any more thirsty than normal. I usually get up once during the night to go to the bathroom, which is the same as pre-pregnancy.

Increased appetite: If anything, I feel less hungry these days. It might be because I get so busy at work, I don’t feel hungry. I usually make a point of eating every few hours though.

Crazy dreams: I think I’ve heard people report they have crazy, feel-like-you-are-there dreams. I did have a dream I had a baby boy and was calling him by the wrong name for a week after he was born. I had to go to my filing drawer to look up his real name. His name was Noah, which by the way, is not the name we have picked out.

Bleeding gums, constipation, heartburn, or varicose veins.

Now I am going to knock on wood to avoid jinxing myself.

    1. yes, enjoy it! you are in the sweet spot, over the terrible beginning and not yet uncomfortable. i remember wishing that i looked more pregnant, but don’t! there is PLENTY of time to look pregnant (including after you have the baby). So enjoy looking normal and feeling good!

    1. So fun to compare notes! I too crave more fat than previously, which I find a little weird :).
      As for heartburn: mine just started and was pretty bad for a few days (all day + much worse at night to the point I was hoping I’d throw up & that would relieve it) but now has subsided to a tolerable level. Also very weird since I have never had heartburn before… ever!
      And… for crazy dreams… I literally had to ask Nate one morning if he had really given me permission to get a puppy. Our conversation in the dream was so REAL, ha :). Not sure if that counts as crazy or not 🙂
      Hope running continues to go great!!!!

      1. Nice! It is fun to compare and contrast how things are going. I wish we lived closer so we could hang out and talk in person. Maybe some day, right? (Sigh. . .)

    1. Just be so glad you don’t have vivid dreams. Mine are like tiny horror movies! I’ll tell you some of them but not on this comment 🙂 they are too weird.

      And you do have a little bump!

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