Aloha for now, Maui

March 31, 2014

Yesterday we traded palm trees and perfect temps for the snow and cold. Insert super sad face.


Hey, I guess at least there is sunshine here as well.


Craig and I spent the last 9 days on the island of beautiful Maui. We went two years ago and haven’t stopped talking about it since. Last year we went to Boston for the marathon, which was our winter getaway. However, I really missed taking a tropical vacation, so I really wanted to go some place warm this winter.

Craig could stay in Alaska and never leave and be totally content. I on the other hand. . . . .

However, that’s not to say he doesn’t love traveling and getting out of the snow and cold. I’m pretty sure we talked about moving to Maui every single day we were there.


I wasn’t so keen about posting that we weren’t home, which is the biggest reason for the lack of posts these past couple of weeks. But now that we are back, it is back to regular scheduled blogging. There will be more Hawaii posts to come along with several other running-related posts.

Today was all about unpacking, doing laundry, restocking the fridge, and cleaning up my diet. I definitely splurged on pizza, burgers, and daily desserts. Usually I try to maintain my healthy diet even while on vacation, but I definitely splurged more this time. After a week of eating out, I am ready to cook at home and eat more well-balanced meals.


We did enjoy several kale salads, fresh fruit smoothies, and acai bowls, so not all was lost.


Also, if I could request your vote in the March Madness face-off for the Greatest Women’s Running Blog on Salty Running Blog. I am behind Ariana Hilborn’s blog, so I would greatly appreciate your vote!

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 3.23.19 PM

Please click here and vote for my blog. Thanks! Voting ends midnight EST tonight so don’t delay!!




Have you been to Hawaii or Maui?

Do you splurge while on vacation or stick to your regular diet?

    1. It must have been an awesome trip. I haven’t been to Hawaii yet, it’s just so far from me…. I know it’s still worth going though and will some day.

    1. sounds like a fun trip! i’m going on vacation in may and i can’t wait!

    1. I need so more Maui goodness, if you please. I spent 3 weeks in hawaii doing community service with Overland adventures the summer before senior year of HS-1 week in Waikiki, 1 in Kauai, 1 Oahu north shore. Fabulous. I thought about you because HGTV now had a show called Living Alaska and the people have nooooo idea what they are truly in for, haha.

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