Sunshine and Chirping Birds

February 9, 2014

It was a pretty low-key weekend for me. Craig and I took Sadie to the dog park Friday after work before it got too dark and then rented the movie The Heat from the Redbox. It was good, funny, and the kind of action I like—no blood.

Saturday morning I went for my long-ish run of 9 miles. Nichole, my coach, had me do some hill sprints as well. It was a pretty enjoyable run. There were some parts that we cold and windy, but it was sure nice to have sunshine and dry pavement most of the way. It also makes me very happy to hear birds chirping. It makes me hopeful that spring is near, but in reality it is a solid 2-3 months away yet.


After running, I headed to the gym for my favorite abs class of the week: 30 minutes of all abs and no simple crunches. The instructor makes you work for it!

Then I stopped at the grocery store to pick up food for the week and a sandwich from House of Bread for lunch. I received several gift cards for Christmas to House of Bread, but sadly, I haven’t been very impressed with my sandwiches from there lately. They are often very plain and boring. I did like this sandwich with roast beef, cheese, pepperoncinis, and a mayo/siracha sauce but it was still nothing to rave about. Craig and I agree Great Harvest makes a much better sandwich.



The rest of the day was spent cleaning, doing laundry, and prepping food for the week. I try to make as many things for lunches and dinner on the weekend, so I don’t have to try to fit that into an already busy weekday evening. I roasted a vegetables, cooked up some quinoa, hard boiled eggs, made freezer burritos, and a breakfast burrito for myself.


Sunday afternoon I met up with a a friend for an easy 6 mile run. I love how running with someone else makes the time fly by. My hamstring held up fine during the run, but it has been feeling a little off the rest of the evening. This week has been pretty challenging for it. I’ve been doing workouts at a faster tempo and adding mileage to my training. I’m hopeful consistent icing, foam rolling, and trying to stand more throughout the work day will help. I don’t want to take time off because I’ve tried that and it doesn’t seem to help. I might go back to the physical therapist I saw last winter if things don’t improve.

Right now I am blogging while everyone else watches The Walking Dead. . . .I can’t do the blood, guts, and shooting.



1. Any Walking Dead fans out there?

2. Where do you go for a delicious sandwich?

3. Any good movie recommendations?

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