I’ve Hired a Running Coach

February 4, 2014

I never thought I would hire someone to coach me in running, but as with life adventures there are a lot of things I never thought I’d do.

I’m excited to announce that Nichole will be coaching me and helping me become a faster and stronger runner.

I first “met” Nichole through her blog. I’m not even sure how I came across her blog in the first place. After reading her blog for a short period of time, I quickly realized we had run against each other in high school and college. (She was much faster than me.) We continued to be in contact through our blogs and finally met this past November when I was back in Minnesota.


(Sorry Nichole, it is the only picture I have of you.)

Of course when we met up we talked running—along with jobs, Alaska, family/future kids, and running goals. I said in passing that breaking 3 hours in the marathon is an untouchable goal for me. I’ve come a long way taking 25 minutes off my marathon PR, and as great as it would be to break 3 hours, there is no way that I could. She said that since she’s been following my progress, she’s seen what I am capable of and does not think this goal is unfathomable. I was shocked, no way could I break 3:00. That’s 17+ minutes off my current PR. Yes, I’ve already cut a good chunk of time off my PR but another 17 when I feel like I’m pretty fit and strong already? She assured me that she believed in me and saw a lot of potential in me. Prior to this, no one had ever expressed anything like this to me! I was floored. I told Craig, and he was completely supportive of me hiring a coach to help me with my running. TNC Endurance, it is!

TNC Endurance – Team Nichole Coaching Endurance

The plan Nichole put together for me for the next two weeks is very doable—nothing over the top, but definitely different than what I am used to, which is exactly what I need. She has been so helpful and always responds to my e-mails within 24 hours. I am very excited to see what I am capable of and maybe my out-there goal is possible.

If you are interested in having a coach–or even thinking about hiring a coach, send Nichole an e-mail [nichole.porath@gmail.com] and tell her I sent you! She has developed a team of athletes of all abilities and may have room for you as well. Think of it as your personal trainer for running.

    1. Will you still be writing weekly recaps of your running or are you not allowed to share your training plans now that you are paying someone? I was always curious how that works.

      1. Unfortunately I won’t be able to share weekly training plans. Most coaches prefer the details are left out. I had never considered this until earlier this week when I was planning out future blog posts!

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