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January 24, 2014

It’s Friday, and I’m feeling like a random post is in order. So here it is—some of my favorite things that I’ve been loving recently.

Essie nail polish

I absolutely adore this light pink color of Muchi Muchi by Essie. It goes on really smooth and even, but the downfall is that it chips within about 4 days. I’ve tried using a base coat, not using a base coat, wiping my nails with nail polish remover prior to applying the color, but nothing seems to help it stay on better. Oh well, life goes on.



Maybe the only reason I like winter is for the citrus fruit. I love oranges, grapefruit, clementines, and I made a smoothie the other day that called for a whole lime (minus the skin).


Trader Joe’s Farro

I used the 10 minute farro to make this recipe: Smoked Turkey & Farro Salad. Instead of the smoked turkey, I sauteed tofu and added that to the dish. It was incredible. I’ve definitely made my fair share of healthy-tasting dishes (translation: poor tasting items), but I thought this was far better than some of the other dishes I’ve tried. I’m already planning on making it again.


Coffee Dates

Okay, I’ve always loved our coffee dates on Friday morning, but I especially love them when we have deep ‘meaning of life’ conversations. However, I’m not sure I leave with a clearer understanding of where we’re headed in life or more confused because I have even more to consider now.

DSC_0015We chatted about life, jobs, our futures, while we sipped on coffee. Decaf cafe au lait for me—the cheaper version of a latte.


The Temperature

I seriously cannot get over how mild it has been here this week. It has been in the upper 30s/low 40s this week, and I am not complaining. And the sun finally came out today, which hasn’t happened in a while and made it feel even warmer. My only complaint is that finding a place to run outside is very difficult because the sidewalks and side roads are incredibly icy.

Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 9.53.58 PM



What are you loving lately?

    1. I am loving:
      the warm temperatures!
      free massages and chiropractor visits after my accident.
      essential oils.

    1. love that nail polish color!
      I concur that it is hard to run outside because of the ice and snow. I actually haven’t tried yet, but am supposed to start training again this week. I think I’ll stick to the treadmill for now.

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