All I Want for Christmas

December 12, 2013

I am a list and visual person, so here is my list and corresponding pictures of the items that are on my Christmas wishlist. I know I won’t get all of them—and probably none of them, but that’s okay. I still enjoy putting a post together like this.

1. Lululemon anything, especially:

Knit Happens Scarf

I’ve discovered I much prefer the infinity scarves over the traditional style. They stay in place much better, and I don’t have to keep readjusting them.

Knit Happens Scarf

Run: Hustle Jacket

I love the fun design and print of this jacket. Plus, I know anything Lululmeon makes fits amazingly well and looks great on you.

RUN:Hustle Jacket

2. A nice purse

I have been eying the Kate Spade Stevie handbag for quite some time. Or maybe I’ll just wait to get the “diaper” bag when a little one is one its way. (No, I am not pregnant.)

I don’t care for a Coach purses. Everyone in Anchorage has a Coach purse. Plus, a friend of mine said Coach = Common. So instead maybe a Michael Kors or one from Etsy.

Soft Leather bag - Opelle Vanda bag in Black pebbled leather NEW ss2013

Grey leather shoulder bag - Leather hobo purse - Soft leather bag -  MEDIUM - Ready to ship


3. Hunter Boots

I’ve been trying to find a pair of boots I can wear during the winter for running errands on the weekends and going to and from my car at work. I have a pair of big, bulky boots, but I would like something easy to slip on and something a little more stylish.


I especially like the ones with the sock liners, so I can wear them in the winter. I think they would be the perfect boot to wear year-round here. And I believe the bottom is a no-slip grip bottom. Can someone verify this?

4. A really warm pair of running pants so my legs won’t get so red and frostnipped.

I don’t have any specific brands. Can someone make a recommendation?

Compression pants keep you warm and dry for winter running outdoors.


5. Curtains!

Sadie has woken us up at 3:00 a.m. with her harsh bark because she’s seen something outside (moose, someone walking down the street). We’re glad to know she would alert us if anything was wrong, but we also like our sleep.


6. Brooks Equilibrium Base

This is a super cool see-through long sleeve top that I have been lusting after for quite some time now.

Screen shot 2013-12-12 at 8.23.18 PM

7. Hooded sweatshirt

I am a sucker for pull-overs, hooded sweatshirts, 1/4 zip-ups. I like it all.

Screen shot 2013-12-12 at 8.53.04 PM

I could go on, but our internet is giving me problems, so I’ll end there.



What’s on your Christmas wish list?




    1. I have a pair of boots like the Hunter ones in the picture, except mine are LaCrosse circa 1996. They still fit and the tread is almost completely gone. Good in mud, bad on ice (learned that second one the hard way).

      I’ve fallen in love with Patagonia’s Better Sweaters. They are fantastic. You should check one of those out. They also come in quarter zip, I believe.

      1. I just Googled the Better Sweaters and they look super comfy. Thanks for the recommendation. 🙂

    1. Can you recommend a good (warm) running top/shell layer for winter and snowy running? I know Maine isn’t quite the same as Alaska, but am looking for a good warm running top. Also, how do you keep your face warm when running? (I know that sounds weird, but it’s a legit question – do you use a scarf or something?)

      1. I have an Asics jacket that this much thicker than those super thin windbreaker jackets that I wear a lot in the winter. A friend has a Patagonia jacket she really likes.

        It is critical I keep my face warm, so a very legit question. I use a neck warmer/buff to keep my face warm. I pull it up over my nose to protect my face. I don’t care to breathe through it, but it is better than my face freezing.

    1. I have a pair of Adidas pants to run in and love them! They have blue on the calves and waist but rest are black! $50.

    1. I have a pair of boots like the Hunter sock boots (without the sock)! I am glad to know that I am “in style” with my boots. I really like my boots! They wash up really nice when they get dirty!! They are not very warm, though. I wear them almost everyday.

    1. I have a pair of black Hunter’s that I wear with leopard top socks which keep me fairly warm. I have never slipped in on snow, slush or ice, obviously you have to be careful in those conditions but I haven’t had any problems and I have owned them for three years now.

    1. Ooh, I like all the clothes!

      I am not a purse person, but got tired of my cheap-y ones wearing out or my travel REI ones not being big enough, so I have been loving my Harvey’s seatbelt bag for the last few years. Now I want a cute wallet, maybe Fossil as I like their designs.

      We finally put up some curtains this year. Target’s selection is actually pretty decent, plus affordable. They make our rooms much more cozy.

      I think your tree is very Alaskan. My aunt and uncle used to have similar ones, also cut fresh in the Valley. Yours is pretty good looking for being a u-cut in AK; I’m impressed!

      1. I have been loving Target’s Threshold brand. I got a lot of things for our house there.

        It’s all about the camera angle. (in regards to our tree) 😉

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