National Day of Running

June 5, 2013

What are you doing for National Day of Running?

Ten miles is in the books for me this morning, so I hope you honor this great day as well!

Distance: 10 miles

Time: 1:18

Average pace: 7:53 minutes/mile

Weather: cool, 45*F, sunny, a little windy

Comments: Awesome run! I wanted to stay out there longer! Very happy to have my pace under 8 minute miles. I felt really good and loved running in the sunshine at 5:30 a.m.!


My attempt at holding up ten fingers which just looks like I am going to bear-scare you.


Why I run:

– To clear my head.

– To hopefully live a long, healthy life.

– Because I’m crazy??

– So I don’t drive my husband crazy.

– To celebrate and take care of the body and gifts God gave me.

– Because I love it!


Why I Love Running

No one said it would be easy but everyone said it would be worth it.



Tell me how you celebrated National Day of Running.

    1. Yaya! One of the best days of the year!! 😀 celebrate running…today i’m going to run with my kids!! We will probably log 2 or 3 miles in and just enjoy each other. 10 miles under 8 minutes…I wish to be able to do that one day. And I will be. Happy Running!!

    1. i ran an easy 4 miles this am. i wanted to go farther, but it was getting late & my legs have just been tired the last few days. but i was so happy to be back on my fave bike path (there’s been construction in the area for the past YEAR making getting to it much more difficult most days). 🙂

    1. I am sure you have mentioned this before but what do you eat before a morning run? Especially when you go out at 5:30.

      1. Usually nothing. Today was an exception since I knew I would be running for over 75 minutes. I did have a couple Clif Shot Bloks and then one GU energy gel while running. I only ate prior to running this morning since I woke up hungry. If I’m not hungry and am running an hour or less, I won’t eat anything.

    1. LOL you rock the bear scare! I didn’t run yesterday but plan to do a few treadmill miles at the gym as a warmup today. Hooray for runners! 😀

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