Goals for 2013

January 6, 2013

I know I’m about a week late in posting this, but the weekend was the first time I was able to sit down and write this out.

I am a goal-oriented person, so I have never had a problem making goals for myself. But I do struggle with making goals for the entire year. There is just too much that can change, which could easily result in a failed New Year’s Resolutions. HOWEVER, I am still setting goals for myself. Some of these goals I may not achieve, but I still think it is healthy to have goals to reach for. Plus, I like the start of a new year. It gives me a feeling of being able to start over with a clean slate and challenge myself—even though I know my life is one continuous timeline.

So here it goes, my goals for 2013:

1. Break any and all PRs.

I will always be trying to break my PRs. I will never be 100% satisfied with my times—that’s the overachiever in me. I had an amazing summer of breaking every single one of my PRs, so I’ve got my work cut out for me this year, but if I am able to have a solid spring of base training, I can go into the summer fit and strong and work to break my PRs. I would love to break 3:15 in the marathon, 1:30 in the half-marathon, 40 minutes in the 10K, and get under 19:30 in the 5K.

2. Deepen my faith with God.

My faith is the foundation for my life, but over the past few years I’ve struggled a little more than I have in the past, so I am hoping this year I am able to grow as a Christian and grow closer to God.

3. Do a better job at living in the moment.

Too often I find myself living in the future or past. While I think it is perfectly fine to reflect on the past and look forward to the future, I find myself wishing I could go back to certain times in the past and long for the future of better days. This is not healthy.

4. Lose weight

Yes, I said it. I want to lose at least 5+ pounds before Boston. Because I know people are going to wonder (I always do myself.), right now I am wavering between 135/136 pounds, and I am 5 feet 6.5 inches. My goal is to get under 130 pounds for Boston.

I have made some changes in my diet by cutting out all desserts and trying to eat incredibly healthy. In the past I would have splurged here and there on small portions of unhealthy food, grabbed something from the community table at work, or indulged in desserts, but for the past two weeks I have cut all of that out—minus Christmas Day and New Years Day.



What is your New Year’s resolution or a goal you have for yourself this year? Or maybe a goal for this next week or month?


    1. I love your blog header!! 🙂
      And whoa- lose weight? Yikes, we’re the same height exactly, and I way um… A LOT more than that. But, I understand- you gotta do what you gotta do for training! Good luck, friend!

    1. I think I’ve run on the track in your picture. The Mayor’s ends on that track, doesn’t it? I have trouble with making goals for an entire year too. I usually think in training cycles instead, so basically spring, fall and winter (woo! we have three running seasons here in Cali).

      1. Good eye! That is the track where Mayor’s ends. I definitely have goals that I adjust for each season/race/training season. I love setting goals for myself and working to achieve them. 🙂 It makes me feel good.

    1. I stumbled on your blog while looking for some tips for the Boston marathon One of my best friends and I will be running Boston this April. I love that you have your goals posted!

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