Goodbye, Minnesota

June 27, 2012

Today I am heading back to Alaska after a 3-week vacation, first in North Carolina and then in Minnesota. I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute and don’t want to leave!


My time in Minnesota has been filled with seeing friends, spending time with family, and sunshine and warm weather! Let’s recap. . .

One of the first things I did was run Grandma’s Marathon (Duluth, MN) where I crushed my PR by 15 minutes and qualified for Boston!!



Then there was a lot of quality family time.


One of my family’s favorite things to do is go fishing.

My mom fishing and watching the bobber very closely!


My brother could be out there for hours!


Craig even did some fishing. These fish are teeny tiny compared to the ones he catches in Alaska!



A lot of good, quality time was spent with friends as well.


Jenn just had her baby yesterday! Congrats!!

Me, Jenn, and Ross


One morning I got back to my farm-girl roots and attend the Steele County Breakfast-On-the-Farm event sponsored by Steele County Dairy Farmers.


This is a community-wide event held on a family’s farm each year.



People come to support the dairy farmers in the county and learn about farming.


It was a very family-friendly event with a bounce house for the kids, arts and crafts projects, pictures with a calf, and a petting zoo.


There was also a pancake breakfast.


The breakfast was $3 for all-you-can eat pancakes, sausages, cheese, and orange juice.


Then it was time to visit the cows.


She really liked me and tried to eat my hair.


Bonus points to anyone who can identify the breed of this cow.


We walked around the farm and saw where the calves stay.DSC_0024

And then we saw some elephants. . . . .


just kidding. These guys weren’t on the farm. They were at an arena getting ready for a circus.

We had to park in town and then take a bus out to the farm, and when we got back from our farm tour, these elephants were near the parking lot, getting ready for their show.


I also made sure to do a lot of shopping while in Minnesota.

I stocked up on some Trader Joe’s products and Lululemon sucked me in pretty bad as well.


And then of course, I had to do some running in warm/hot weather while I was here.

The first week after running the marathon, I laid low and let my body heal. I did a couple walk/run “runs” but that was about it.

But this week I have been feeling quite good and am starting to log the miles again.


Kristy (my sister) and I have been doing a lot of runs together.


Kristy is my clone and some how we ALWAYS managed to wear similar outfits even if we had no idea what the other person was wearing.


Both wearing striped V-neck tops. It was quite frustrating.


So, that’s that. I did a TON more things but got lazy and didn’t take many pictures. Oh well, I had so much fun and am glad I was able to spend so much time in Minnesota.

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