Twilight 12K

June 2, 2012

Woo hoo!! Another race completed! I love racing!!

Friday night, Craig, Kristy, and I ran the Twilight 6K/12K. Craig ran the 6K, and Kristy and I ran the 12K. 

Kristy, me, and Craig walking to the start. 

IMG 0979

This was the first time I’ve run this race, but I did go and cheer for people last year. 

Glad to see someone’s excited!

IMG 0980

Kristy and I ran the 12K together. I was going to let Kristy set the pace this time since I left her during our last race together, plus I wasn’t that concerned with my time. 

IMG 0985

Craig is not a runner, so I was proud of him for signing up for the race and running the 6K. He even did some training within the past few weeks! 

IMG 0987

This is a big event for Anchorage with about 2000 runners. 

IMG 0989

With all these people, the course was really crowded. We spent the first two miles dodging and weaving around people. We did start towards the back, so that was our own fault, but it was kind of a boost of confidence as we were passing people. 

Since there were so many people at the start, we started out on the slower side and then had some nice negative splits until the last two miles. 

Mile 1: 8:10

Mile 2: 7:57

Mile 3: 7:36

Mile 4: 7:15

Mile 5: 6:57

Mile 6: 7:06

Mile 7: 7:31

IMG 0990

I felt pretty good throughout the race. My stomach was bloated and uncomfortable during the race, which always happens when I run in the evening. I also didn’t feel as fresh as I did during the half-marathon last weekend, so I feel like I lost a little bit of confidence for my marathon in two weeks. Hopefully I’ll be okay though. 

Kristy and I crossed the line at exactly the same time in 55:40, which was an average of 7:30 minutes per mile. We’re taking bets as to who actually beat who—according to our timing chips. 

IMG 0991

A big draw for people is the free pizza and beer from Moose’s Tooth afterwards. However, this was the line to get free food, and it was not a fast-moving line. We waited for about 10 minutes before deciding it was probably just best to give up and go home. 

IMG 0992

It was so much fun racing with my sister and seeing my husband all excited after running faster than he thought he would. Racing is fun!

IMG 0994

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